Post your most memorable foreplay story…

Mine was playing around and getting felt up in public. This was late at night, out on the street. It was hot because this was India, where homosexuality is still not accepted by the mainstream(changing though).

We had been talking about what we liked in bed. I just couldn’t take it anymore, so I pulled him under a tree and asked him to slide his hand inside my track pants.

What made it so hot was that I asked him to describe what he felt too. I knew full well that it was my ass that got him going, so to hear and feel that confirmation was amazing.

Later on, we had to wait a little just outside his house. His roommates were going somewhere but taking a little bit of time. Leaning against a car, I asked him to slide it in again, and to take his time once inside.

I’ll never forget his hands roaming inside, going over both my cheeks and squeezing them. We couldn’t kiss(too risky), so I put my one hand inside his clothes too, and started stroking his cock through his underwear. He was so hard, and so wet.

He was basically living on the first floor, with the landlord on the ground floor. Since we couldn’t stand there forever, he told me that we should go upstairs and just make some small talk(with his roommates). I would pretend to be a friend.

Motioning me to be quiet so as to not wake the landlord up, we stealthily went up the stairs. But I was wanted to be naughty, and I was enjoying being such a slut.

Midway through, I stopped him, turned him around and pulled his cock out. It was hard and wet. I was so horny I took in all of it in the first go, and I felt him tense up with pleasure too. He was not small either, a full 7 inches.

It was just so risky…His landlord beneath us, his unknowing friends above us, about to leave the house through those very stairs… I don’t know what would have happened of we had been caught. We could hear his roommates talking as I vigorously moved my lips on his shaft.

But soon enough we heard those voices coming closer, so he quickly pulled his pants up. We went up to meet them just as they were leaving.

Then we went to his room, we put on some music to drown out the sounds about to follow. That was one of the best nights of my life as a bottom.

His room had a spacious balcony. The night air wafted in, I let him use my body and really went out of my way to pleasure him. Rode him hard, so hard that he came without even getting to know at first. He smacked my ass hard repeatedly, and I came twice that night.