Posing nude for a drawing class – Day 77/100

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  1. Wow,you became sooo brave at your journey. Almost seems like unstoppable.A month ago you were ashamed to sing in front of people and now you just dont care of others and undress yourself. So proud of you <3

  2. I used to draw in a nude art class. What's so childish is when you read oh they went to just see girls naked. Instead of the human body is art in of itself. Personally I still need a visual reference to get things right, as drawing from memory turns out all eh.

  3. Oh wow! You have come so far from that shy girl 77 days ago. As they say little steps add up.
    You have me going after some of my fears, and maybe by the end of the summer, I'll be doing this or the Naked Bike Ride in Philly

  4. Many of these comments are unbelievable; it goes to show how many people have no clue what this video is really about. Melissa is simply addressing her fear of posing nude in front of others, and so many of you drag this into the gutter. Being nude is not a sexual thing, it's perfectly natural. I guess this is simply another example of uneducated people who haven't seen too many things in the world expressing themselves and consequently sharing their total ignorance with that world. I really feel sorry for many of you who are so certain in your ignorance. I admire Melissa for her bravery and overcoming her fears. Good for you, Melissa!

  5. there’s so many perverts in the comments.. so many people are saying “i want to become an artist now” and “seeing daily nude people would be amazing” like it’s not daily, it’s not always one gender, and being an artist is a very special talent. don’t just think we’re artists just to see nude people. also this girl is a poser, NOT a prostitute or a slut. she deserves lots of respect for having the courage to do this.

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