1. @pexteri

    Umm yeah, well you'd be surprise the percentage of corrupt cops and police departments around the globe. When you give people power, they naturally abuse it. Cops in every country commit crimes for the simple reason that they can. Every police department should have a committee of citizens who volunteer to review & investigate complaints, forwarding those that seem legitimate to the courts and the media. That, along with everyone turning on their cameras everytime they see a pig.

  2. You are calling it a fake because you're to ignorant and scared to admit how fucked up the world is. Come out of your cave and start giving a shit about stuff that doesn't directly affect you.

  3. this stuff is real. i was over there and picked up by the police. i was stripped and put in a holding cell with other prisioners. i was the only one that was naked. i was paraded around naked all nite and most of the next day. when i was taken to a cell i was handcuffed to the bed spreadeagle.

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