PinkPlanet Ft Lauderdale Gay Nude Beach

Gay and lesbian travel TV series explores gay life in Ft Lauderdale Florida.


  1. If you're gay and in south Florida, and would like to go camping in a heavily wooded gay, clothing optional camp ground and resort, there is a forty acre, gay, clothing optional camp ground and resort in south east Alabama, in Geneva County just a few miles north of the Florida/Alabama state Line. find your way north to I-10 or U.S. 90. Go to Bonifay to Florida State Road 79. Go up Highway 79 to Florida State Road 2. Turn left onto Highway 2 and head west around ten miles, to Holmes County Road 179. Turn right onto Holmes County Road 179 and go north to the state line, about five miles. When you cross the Florida/Alabama state Line, the road becomes Geneva County Road 89. Keep heading north about 2.8 miles. County road 89 will intersect with Geneva County Road 4. Turn left onto County Road 4 and head west for 1.2 miles; to a dirt road, Spring Creek Road. Turn left onto Spring Creek Road and head south for about 1.8 miles. When you get to the long wooden privacy fence, you're there. Enjoy. There is an outdoor, unheated swimming pool. Swim at your own risk because in the winter, the water can be quite cold. Everywhere, it is clothing optional. Enjoy!!!

  2. Just for the record that nude beach in this video is NOT in Ft. Lauderdale it is in Miami , Fl. at Haulover Beach just South of Sunny Isles Fl. It is the clothing optional beach. But they chose to zero in only on the gay side of the beach that is on the Northern part of the beach. Haulover clothing optional beach also has another side a straight beach and swingers part. It reflects what the population is. So again the title Pink Planet Ft. Lauderdale Gay Nude Beach does not currently exist and may never they are too conservative in Ft. Lauderdale they do not even let you drink alcohol on the beach. So come to Haulover Beach the clothing optional nude beach, but if you do nudity is expected, please do not come to gawk at the nudist that is rude.

  3. Maybe I'm crazy but when I went to Haulover the beach the gays were pretty cool, didn't feel "threatened" at all by them. It was the swingers that creeped me out a little, but not that much, it was a blast. All of God's children should go.

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