PATTON 360 E:9 of 10 Battle of the Bulge

Despite the worst weather in 20 years, Patton’s Third Army races north to smash through German lines and relieve besieged Americans defending Bastogne, Belgium, during the Battle of the Bulge.


  1. Patton in the Lorraine

    Patton was in the Lorraine and advanced 10 miles in three months. The poorly devised Panzer Brigade concept deployed there with green German troops. The Panzer Brigades were a rushed concept to try and plug the gaps while the panzer divisions proper were being re-fitted and rebuilt after the summer 1944 battles.

    The Panzer Brigades had green crews that never had enough time to train, did not know their tanks properly, did not have any recon elements and didn't even meet their unit commander until his arrival at the front. These were by no means elite forces.

    17th SS were not amongst the premier Waffen SS panzer divsions. In fact 17th SS was not even a panzer division but a panzer grenadier division, only equipped with assault guns, not tanks, with only a quarter of the number of AFVs as a panzer division. 17th SS was badly mauled in Normandy and was not up to strength at Arracourt in he Lorraine. Patton never even once faced a full strength Waffen SS panzer division nor a Tiger battalion.

    Patton's Third Army was almost always where the best German divisions in the west were NOT. Who did the 3rd Army engage? Who did 3rd Army defeat? In the Lorraine, 3rd Army faced a rabble. Even the German commander of Army Group G in the Lorraine, Hermann Balck, who took over in September 1944 said:

    "I have never been in command of such irregularly assembled and ill-equipped troops. The fact that we have been able to straighten out the situation again…can only be attributed to the bad and hesitating command of the Americans."

    Patton at the Bulge

    At the time of the German attack in the Ardennes, Patton was facing a second rate rabble in the Lorraine for the most part. Patton was also neither on the advance nor being heavily engaged at the time he turned north to Bastogne when the Germans pounded through US lines. The US 1st and 9th Armies had to be put under Montgomery's command. US air force units were put under RAF command, Coningham. The 9th stayed under British control until near the end of the war.

    The road from Luxembourg to Bastogne was largely devoid of German forces, as Bastogne was on the very southern German flank. Only when Patton got near to Bastogne did he face 'some' German armour but it wasn't a great deal of armour. The Fuhrer Grenadier Brigade wasn't one of the best armoured units, while 26th Volks-Grenadier only had a dozen Hetzers, and the tiny element of Panzer Lehr (Kampfgruppe 901) left behind only had a small number of tanks operational. Its not as if Patton had to smash through full panzer divisions or Tiger battalions on his way to Bastogne. Patton's armoured forces outnumbered the Germans by at least 6 to 1.

    Patton faced comparatively very little German armour when he broke through to Bastogne because the vast majority of the German 5th Panzer Army had already left Bastogne in their rear and moved westwards to the River Meuse, where they were still engaging forces under Montgomery's 21st Army Group. Leading elements were engaging the Americans and British under Montgomery's command near Dinant by the Meuse. Montgomery stopped them crossing the Meuse.

    It was Patton's failure to concentrate his forces on a narrow front and his own decision to commit two green divisions to battle without adequate reconnaissance that were the reasons for his stall. Coningham of the RAF, gave Patton massive US ground attack plane support and he still stalled.

    Patton always blaming others

    Patton repeatedly lambasted his subordinates. In Sicily he castigated Omar Bradley for the tactics Bradley's II Corps were employing while he also accused the commander of 3rd Infantry Division, Lucian Truscott of being "afraid to fight". In the Ardennes he castigated Middleton of the US VIII Corps and Millikin of the US III Corps. When his advance from Bastogne to Houffalize stalled he criticised the 11th Armoured Division for being "very green and taking unnecessary casualties to no effect" and called the 17th Airborne Division "hysterical" in reporting their losses. Patton rarely took any responsibility for his own failures. It was always somebody else at fault, including his subordinates.

    Read Monty and Patton:Two Paths to Victory
    by Michael Reynolds

  2. My Dad, a combat engineer in the Patton's 87th Infantry Division was captured west of Bastogne, lost down to 87 pounds before being relieved by his own division. This video furthered my understanding of that brutal fight.Thank you!

  3. Where was Allied air power? It would have made things much easier.

    Patton was known as "Blood and Guts" because it was his guts on other people's blood. Pure propaganda.

  4. stop f***** laieng thy did not wont eny help ….. f**** Patton is nothing ……. soldiers how (vlanter) is the real heroes …..thy safe the hall world f*** Patton

  5. Listen to commentary at 1:57 mins. This was Patton's 3rd Army not the Fourth. Can I therefore believe any of the commentary thereafter other than he and his troops were terrific. Signed an Australian Englishman.
    Dr John M. Land

  6. Without looking at the comments I'm gonna guess there are Europeans or Canadians saying this is just pro American propaganda since it doesn't focus on the German or British side. Well it'd called Patton 360 for a reason and it's made by a American cable tv company for Americans on a American tv cable tv channel.

  7. The fourth armored division was one of the best ever. My dad said he could shoot the enemy but not the weather. Coldest damn winter he ever saw.Master Sgt Thomas Maloney received the bronze star there.It is Father's Day , thanks dad.

  8. The day of the offensive, Montgomery and Eisenhower were told of the attack. Eisenhower continued his festivities while Montgomery finished his golf game. This is the shit of fools who always cost innocent life.

  9. I think the Army could have found someone to participate in the program who maybe had something more to add to the content than Snyder's trifecta of "quote about how awesome Patton is", "quote about how everyone else was always wrong and Patton was always right because…(no reasons given)", and "quote about how tough and resourceful the American fighting man is". Saying these things a few times over the course of the series would have been one thing, but all Snyder does is repeat these three assertions over and over and over again…..for all 10 fucking hours of the series. It makes me wonder if he has 3 tattoos on his butt that read "Patton rocks!", "Monty Sux!", and "Murrica Rulez!", cause he looks like the kind of corny motherfucker who would get them.

  10. June 1944

    40% of German army not on the Eastern Front
    75% of Luftwaffe day fighters facing western allied bombing
    Almost entirety of Luftwaffe night fighter force facing western allied bombing
    U boat production focused against western allies
    Thousands of AA guns deployed against western allied bombing and not deployed destroying Soviet tanks
    German industry and oil production being affected by western allied bombing – not by Soviet bombing

    Normandy campaign – 2200 German tanks and assaults guns (6.5 Panzer divisions in Brit/Canadian/Polish sectors 1.5 Panzer divisions in American sectors)

    Operation Bagration – 490 German tanks and assault guns facing Soviets. Soviets move on US trucks.

    Longest campaigns of WW2
    Blockade of Germany
    Battle of the Atlantic
    Bombing of Germany

    Clearly the Soviet Union would have won the war single handed and the western front was an unimportant side show.

    Look at how Soviet strategic bombing affected Germany

    Look at how the Soviets caused the loss of some 330,000 Axis troops in North Africa

    Look at how the Soviets knocked Italy out of the war.

    Look at how the Soviet blockade stopped Germany get ting strategic materials.

  11. I was reading some of the comments below. You talk about the allies could have pushed back the Russians all the way back to Moscow. I do believe it could have been done. Here my view on it and from what I have read. Eisenhower didn't want to loose any more Americans troops in Berlin. To Eisenhower, it was better to have Russians to lose their soldiers than Americans. You people seem to forget American fought a 2 front war also. The United State took on the Japanese empire pretty much on it own and yeah the Austrian help too. By the end of the war, United State had the biggest naval force in the world and atomic bomb. When the Russians invaded the northern parts of the Japanese northern islands it was MacArthur who threatened to arrest a Russian admiral if he didn't remove his troops off the Japanese northern Islands. Also, United State at that time had the biggest industrial power in the world. Believe me, if Stalin thought he could beat the United State in a war he would have pushed the allies all the way back to England. With Admiral Nimitz and McArthur in the Pacific and Patton, Eisenhower and Omar Bradley in Europe and there was general George Marshall in Washington who ran the show, I do believe American could have force Stalin to move his troops back to Russa. The United Stated had the biggest arm force at the end of WW11 and the United State could have attacked from both sides of Russa. What it came down to it was United State didn't want to loose any more of it soldiers and was ready for peace.

  12. I don't Give a shit what the Russians did to the Germans. Or the Germans were better in the early years. blah blah blah!! Without the U.S You lose the war!!. Period!!

  13. Great documentary.
    This kind of warfare would suck cause your dealing with german armor and European cold winters.
    If the german brass doesn't kill you, the cold and hypothermia, trench foot will get you.

  14. I'm tired of the revised history on how "Great" the Russian Army was. The only reason they took Germany is because Washington played Politics and let them. Without Land Lease the Russians would have lost. It was overall a pathetic army led by fear. American Captilsm won the war and God's winter. The Russian Army was lucky to have both. What the Allies should have done is kept the war going and push the Communist right back to Moscow.

  15. I liked the documentary, but the tone used by the narrator ruins everything. It sounds like the trailer of a movie. NanaNAAA… nana… nanaNAAA. Exageration

  16. According to the veterans of the 101st Airborne Division who were at Bastogne and interviewed for the HBO mini series "Band of Brothers" , to this day not a one felt they ever needed to be rescued or relieved .

  17. Patton was a Nazi! He say bad things about Soviet Military, our people, etch ge talked like Nazis judging a book by it's cover, but the Nazis weren't laughing when he when kick down their doors and turn Germany to rubble

  18. I get tired of hearing about how much better the 21st-century US military would have done against 1940's German opposition. Hey, why not put that into a documentary about the Roman army under Julius Caesar? "Today when faced by masses of men in breastplates armed with only swords and spears, we'd probably just deploy a few helicopter gunships. These could mow them down while remaining high enough to remain invulnerable to their javelins."

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