1. You both rock. So many people will look up too you both. I opened up along time ago. I have had relationships but still haven't found the right girl. 42 and go a lot of love to give. Luu Australia

  2. I’ve watched this video so many times oml. It’s honestly so helpful. And I lovedddd seeing Evan open up even though it’s quite hard for her especially on camera

  3. Mines like juli’s. My mom was against it for the longest time and years passed and she finally told me “i love you no matter what and i think that’s where most of your anxieties come from.. but i love you” and i am also the only girl. But growing up i felt like a defect like something was wrong w me bc everyone shamed gay ppl. But i am proud of who i am and wouldn’t change it. I’m glad we fight for our rights and ppl are coming around to it. It’s a proud moment for kids these days. They don’t have to be afraid to come out.

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