Our coming out stories/ coming out advice

Hey guys, super special video this week. I hope this give you a little more insight into our lives, and some encouragement for when you decide it is the right time to come out❤️ I love you all immensely!!!

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  1. I still don’t wanna come out even tho they know my mom found out from snooping thourgh my phone and my girlfriend and I told out BFF’s well I’m only BFF’s with one now well she hadn’t told anyone but I hate her becuse she tryed to break us up lots of times then my bff well current bff was very happy becuse she didn’t know how to come out to us and that piled a lot of weight off my shoulders

  2. I was quite late to come out since I surpressed it for so long. In high school I was so much in denial😫 so I didnt came out until i found myself in a relationship in my mid 20s with a girl that I was in love with and was ready to go all the way for. I told my mum the day before christmas eve and my mum just told me she just wants me to be happy and if im happy then she felt like she did a great job. I felt so relived 🥺🥺🥺💕💕💕 I also gotta say im very impressed with mikaylas strength not having accepting parents and still be patient and have a relationship with them, it shows maturity and i really admire that quality. Idk if I would have had that same strength if my parents wouldt accept my gf or my sexuality I would have a hard time understanding that 🥺

  3. My plan is to leave right after high school then post on Facebook for my conservative family to see- “oh yeah um I like girls to” and I’ll just be viben in In college scrolling through hate comments.

  4. mikayla thank you so much for sharing your story because i’m literally in a similar situation with my family and it helps to know i’m not alone. i’m so happy for the both of you💕

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