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  1. I thought I came out to my mom but I didn't so my rude ass aunt told my mom that I like girls cuz I was talking to this one girl over nd over again, then my mom say that's good nd she also say I can't dress like a boy I can't get a hair cut but I like girls but she still say no bout the clothes. Then I came out to my dad he didn't like it nd he didnt care, then i told my grandmother on my dads side she said *NO, GOD DIDNT MAKE FEMALE ND A FEMALE ,he made female nd a male to have babies*then she let me read the Bible nd I didn't like what they're trynna do to me so I kept quiet nd that really hurt me my dad have 3 daughters 2 lesbian 1straight, I don't see the problem bein LGBT I like it tbh XCV.Scrappy is a happy lesbian pride

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