Oral tops and bottoms: can we talk about how amazing sucking dick is?

Oral top here. I’ve found a great breathing rhythm when sucking dick and thank god. I’ve been able to throat dicks so well and having someone fucking my face and then busting a nut at the back of my throat gets me off every time. It’s indescribable. It’s heaven. It’s fucking art. Can I get an amen?


  1. Amen! There is nothing better than a face fuck when a guy busts his nut in you. I feel like I’m addicted to sucking cocks but a face fuck where a guy doesn’t even allow me to touch his dick with my hands is the hottest thing in the world.

  2. I am a married bi guy. I must say that sucking means dick really does it for me. I used to suck some dick when I was a teen out of puberty and stopped when I married my wife.
    I went 40 years only thinking about those old times and how much enjoyment I had meeting guys and sucking their cock.
    Well the urge got the best of me and I met agut about younger than me and we enjoyed time together and it became a sexual relationship. His wife was very ill and was not able to enjoy or have sex any longer.
    With her blessing, she told me of their situation and that she knows how fond he was of oral sex. She just came out and asked me if I would consider making an advance on her husband.
    I didn’t want to seem to eager but I was ready instantly. She told me she didn’t need any details and she said she thought her husband was attracted to me.
    The following day I had the opportunity to make an advance on him. I told him of my past as a teen and he got very excited hearing about my enjoyment of sucking cock. I reached over and felt his cock through his Levi’s as we talked and soon he dropped his pants and there he was all hard and ready to enjoy.
    I wanted to take my tune and really enjoy my live for cock. I stated sucking him and he was so into it he started to thrust his his and he came very soon after i started.
    We get together twice a week and he sucks me off as well. So glad i can help and get so much enjoyment as well.
    Since my first encounter with him I have met other guys for oral sex and i am having a great time.

  3. There is nothing I love better than sucking an uncut cock. Seriously. I’d happily be on my knees with a foreskin between my lips for hours. I’d trade that over most sexual experiences.

    Just having that much control over the sexual satisfaction of someone else is just something I really enjoy. You can satisfy someone by fucking, sure, but sucking can involve teasing, edging, etc in a way that’s on another level.

  4. God I love sucking cock. I love having a guy just kick back, relax, and let me go to work on his dick.

  5. I have an oral fixation habit so suckin dick just makes it all the better for me! I literally feel calm with a cock in my mouth XD

  6. Question: how did you figure out how to breathe? I’d love to be able to get face fucked longer but I just can’t seem to get enough air.

  7. Yep, sucked a dick in like over two years. And yes boy it feels good. Would prefer the top moan though. But damn love dick in my mouth. And the taste of precum hmmmmm.

  8. I prefer he cums in my mouth, not the back of my throat. I want to enjoy every drop. But I used to have a FB that couldn’t help himself. As he was cumming, he would grab my head and shove his seven inches all the way. I learned to lightly bite down. That way he can get his fun in deep, then as i slowly pull off, I get the mouthful I want.

  9. It’s the best thing ever! I been addicted to sucking dick ever since I started , obsessed with swallowing or getting facials

  10. Oral top here. The way I see it I’m in control of his pleasure and I loooove that my boyfriend likes blow jobs, it’s so much fun man

  11. I love the psych behind it. To get my partner off and take him cum without a trace of sex left behind, and yet not get myself off. That’s a total bottom thing, I feel.

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