Ok this may be weird but hear me out…lol

Whenever I used to engage in anal play with my dildo (routinely) or bottom, whenever I used the bathroom to pee throughout the day I was pushing streams. HARD. Olympic level distance.

But because I’m in the process of moving, I haven’t engaged in anal in over a month and now, for some reason I have maybe 4 seconds of a low stream, then finish with dribbles. Pathetic dribbles. No pain and I’ve come back negative for all STDs. I’m well hydrated.

I know most of you might not be a doctor, but as bottoms have any of you heard of this or experienced this before? Is there in fact a correlation to my prostate being stimulated during bottoming, to its health? I’m 26 btw. A bit too early for prostate issues I’d say?


  1. 26 would be a super unlikely age to start to have prostate issues. There could be multiple issues that could cause a low stream with dribbling. It could be the bladder pressure, sphincter, prostate, urethra. If you’re urinating more with anal play I wonder if you’re just increasing the pressure in the abdomen that would make you urinate more.

    Go to a clinic or see you’re family doctor. You might benefit from a consult with a urologist. They can do stream studies that could provide more information

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