Nude Pictures of Seth Rollins Leaked! New Hall of Famer Revealed! – WTTV News

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In this instalment of the news show on our Wrestle Talk TV YouTube channel, Charlie Shakespeare brings you all the latest happenings in the world of professional wrestling.

In tonight’s WTTV News – Nude photos of Seth Rollins leaked on Twitter, Rikishi announced for the WWE Hall of Fame, DDP hospitalised and Drew McDonald passes away.


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  1. Some bitch filmed Hogan while he was having sex with her and the Wwe still associates themselves with him. I doubt the Wwe will punish Seth on something he couldn't control.

  2. why should he be punished his girlfriend sent those pictures out not him hope she gets in some trouble for posting those pictures on twitter

  3. Is he a dick? Yeahh. Should he be punished? Nope.
    Btw, Money well spent for that chick. Not much to talk about with Seth, if ya know what I mean. Haha He's still one of my favorite newer wrestlers tho

  4. There is a bunch of WWF/WWE Diva's that posed of Playboy also HBK posed for Playgirl & those magazines are still classified as porn. Plus also remember Val Venis his gimmick was supposed to be a porn star so how come it is ok for the WWF/WWE to have a make believe porn star but yet they wont inducted Chyna into the hall of fame, she should be in it. I think there is some thing more going on between Triple H, Stephanie & Chyna then just that & I am only guessing so maybe that's why. Btw the 1st porn movie Chyna did was with X Pac so what about him cuz he was on Raw just a few weeks ago. Also Hulk Hogan was in a porn as well with some else's wife & he's in the hof. so wtf Triple H what's wrong with u.

  5. Seth be punished for something someone else did?  It'd be dumb if the WWE did.  The thing Chyna did was her choice.  If anything, Seth is a victim.  Punishing a victim is wrong.  He may be a jerk for cheating on his fiancee, but having your privacy taken away from you is a terrible thing to happen to anyone. 

  6. No. He should be given a pay rise. He has been the best thing on TV the last few months, now the world knows what he looks like naked, nothing has changed, he is still the best thing on TV.

  7. While the whole 'affair' situation with Seth has made me lose quite a bit of respect for him, he didn't make those pictures public, and so he shouldn't have to be disciplined over the photos. Having an affair, though, that's a different story.

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