Nobody Knows I'm Gay

Coming out as gay is hard. What’s your experience?
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Nobody Knows I’m Gay… That’s what “Paul” is going through, and we answer his question in this Ask Jack & Ben! It can be hard to come out as LGBT and say you’re gay / lesbian / trans, but sometimes it’s really worth it! We are SO fortunate that we have this platform to answer all of your questions, and discuss serious LGBT, gay and lifestyle topics, as well as more fun videos (like our chapstick challenge, gay boyfriend tag and accent challenge) so thank you for being a part of our ex gay boyfriend journey!

Love Jack & Ben, your friendly British interracial EX gay couple 🙂


  1. but in your accent video you guys didn't do the black male from Detroit accent, that's how my black guy Delrico sounds, it's so sexy!, we're obsessed with each other, he's over now, you know what we'll be doing soon lol, other Indians are too accepting of me being with a White man that's why I deleted his picture from my moments on twitter, they don't accept my Black guy Delrico the same, only a few Indians like my 6 foot 6 super muscular sexy black guy, his thighs are so hot and he's so big down there, I'm only 5 foot 5 so he loves shrimps

  2. I have the same experiences of having to come out all the time, particularly in new jobs. Sometimes that’s because work people make a comment and I feel like I have to say something.

  3. Stereotypical gay guy – "Haaaaaaiiiiiiiiiii" *waves floppy wrist whilst screaming at high pitch tone*.
    Stereotypical black guy – Constantly uses slang terms and speaks in broken English "Yo fam (hello mate)", "Wagwarn (how's it going)" etc etc etc, part of a gang, smokes weed or knows a weed dealer…

    Being black, gay and 'straight acting' (not an act, my persona makes people think I am straight until I tell them I am gay) I often come across the above when speaking to people out in the world.

    Straight friends (male and female) are often like "but you're too straight to be gay!? *confused face*" when they find/found out I am gay and often believe gay men are very flamboyant, wear makeup, dress and act like women.
    I do and don't live up to the black guy stereotype – having grown up in an estate in East London I do speak using a lot of slang terms/broken English but can also switch on the 'at work voice' which apparently makes me 'sound white' aka well spoken (I hate this as being well-spoken isn't a 'white thing').

    What are your thoughts on the stereotypes?

  4. I really think these two should open up and tell us what is really going on between them. I can tell from the shade that Jack keeps throwing at Ben, that they are having some underline issues. Have you noticed the editing out of things that Jack has said, COE CLEAN GUYS….You owe the fans that much!!!!

  5. Love the way you tackle these subjects and also make it quite lighthearted and don't take yourselves too seriously! We love your videos – we've just started a couple YouTube Channel too – would be amazing to hear what you think! 🙂

  6. today is the first day i came acorss your channel guys and its been like a roller coaster ride lol………………. i sooo admire and relate to the content y'all put out. I certainly learn a whole lot from following both of you . I cant stop watching your videos..ahah.. also jack's fiesty attitude is so cute,,aha.. thank you soo much for ypur content. much appreciated

  7. I had to come out all the time because I used to have a long term girlfriend. And I am not really flamboyant but when I meet a new person I have fun and come out in unexpected ways, first it was the way back from the gym and the last one for now was just asking where I can find a dildo.

  8. I commented on a previous post. If you two are now making this videos just for income I feel that's a shame. I don't know what happened but I have several opinions on your relationship. I'm going to watch and comment when I think it can help

  9. Guys this is super random but do you think that you being of different races was an additional chalenge in your relationship?
    Can you make a video about that? Because interracial marriage between black man and white woman and vice versa has 200% and 59% respectively higher chances in ending up in divorce.
    I love that you are back btw! Cheers

  10. Well I'm in Ft. Lauderdale about 30 minutes north of Miami and it's been cold here in Florida this week. We get occasional cold snaps here in the winter and this week has been one of the coldest in years.

  11. guys please make a video how to deal with a break up( especially cheating)…how to get over it(forget him) and move on….please!!!!! Happy new Year….

  12. hmmm …well i never had that problem…i think i felt down on some di..k when i was a baby….and since then everybody knew i like men…well the trans thing came years later…but obviously it wasn't shocking, as who i am sleeping with…go figure… 🙂

  13. I can definitely relate to Ben, I come out to every new person I meet. It's really tiresome tbh. It makes it long to navigate through life.

    All the questions and the I wouldn't of known. Your not like the stereotypical gay. Whatever that means lol! It's annoying.

  14. Jack and Ben. Ben and Jack. It's good to see you guys back! (I have only just caught up with your latest videos)

    I kinda guessed you guys had opted to call time on the relationship but knew you both would say what's up when you were ready and in YOUR OWN TIME! I see nuff people popping the question left right and centre on your social media channels lol.

    Regardless of the breakup y'all are still as entertaining as ever! And still two of the most upfront, anti-beat round the bush people when it comes to people asking for your opinion on what they're going through… Need more people like you out there!

    My five words of my coming out story – McDonalds Parking Female Friends Gutted – (The most funny response I got back almost instantly after I came out was "but you're too straight to be gay Marcus!?!?")

  15. I'm 6'4 black and very masculine and even the lady who cuts my hair assumed the person I'm dating is my "girlfriend". My boyfriend is white and more so pretty and I brought him into Paul Mitchell and he got his haircut and I think she still didn't put 2 and 2 together.

  16. This is the one time I disagree with Jack. Nothing wrong with saying I dont fit the stereotype. There are stereotypes for everything, whites, blacks, asians, hispanics, muslims, christians, catholics, jews, you name it. We all know what they are and we know whether we fit into that box or not. Examples of stereotypes of gays are flamboyant, effeminate, limp wrists, etc, maybe a high voice or a lisp.
    As for Paul, I'd say, part of life is figuring out which battles are worth it and which are not. And that's that on that!

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