Nigel Farage on an EU referendum, gay marriage, drugs liberalisation, and his perfect Sunday

0:18 – the role of UKIP if we leave the EU
1:13 – the role of UKIP if we vote to remain in the EU
1:47 – benefits of our membership of the EU
2:32 – UKIP on the left/right spectrum of politics
3:36 – have UKIP become racist?
4:12 – is UKIP too Farage-centered?
5:00 – the media’s portrayal of UKIP
5:39 – allowing free speech in political parties
6:39 – UKIP’s chief executive’s resignation
7:44 – does Farage regret standing down as UKIP leader?
8:13 – ambitions for 2015
8:46 – 2014 elections
9:15 – gay marriage
9:56 – UKIP and Farage’s views on drug legalisation
11:00 – the lasting effect of Farage’s aeroplane crash
12:13 – UKIP’s increasing influence, e.g. on Syria
12:48 – admitting mistakes Farage has made
13:35 – how would you describe your perfect Sunday?

The United Kingdom Independence Party leader talks to us about all aspects of life, ranging from his most traumatic personal experience to his own views on same-sex marriage and drugs legalisation. He also discusses his hopes for UKIP in the 2015 general election, and answers criticisms that UKIP have become ‘racist’.

For Chat Politics’s interview with Peter Hitchens in which he posed the question on drugs legalisation, follow this link:

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  1. ust BAN THE BREXIT. Opinion Polls, ilegally exploited by Leavers should not replace our elected Democracy . March for EU on the 23rd June. We are staying.
    Pat Smith
    Pat Smith
    8 months ago

  2. It's hilarious how much of a hypocrite this man can be. He bitches about remainers not obeying the will of the people w the referendum results but look at him here saying that if his side at lost he would have never given up the fight. Absolute shit head

  3. Interviewer: "Nigel, what are your opinions of the government?"
    Nigel: "The government needs to control the borders of the country."

    Interviewer: "Nigel, what are the key points of the UKIP manifesto?"
    Nigel: "UKIP is going to control the borders of the country."

    Interviewer: "Nigel, how do you take your coffee?"
    Nigel: "We need to secure our borders."

  4. The second coming of the republican revolution. Trump is Dole, and Gingrich is analogous to Nigel in a sense of their shared debating prowess and character. And Dole-Trump needn't be explained further. 2016 was a great year for conservatism.

  5. Sounds like Nigel wanted to avoid answering that gay marriage question. To be honest I don't see why anyone would want to get married and if UKIP want to keep it a religious thing that's fine by me.

    Also it's too bad UKIP doesn't support Nigel on drug liberalisation, the war is so stupid. I don't like UKIPs policy on crime either. Just talks about being tough and showing zero tolerance. We don't need to boost the prison population, community service costs a whole lot less money and is a more fitting punishment for less serious non-violent offenders. For those that do go to prison it should be about work, education and rehabilitation. This is one of things Lib Dems got right.

  6. If Farage gets voted then I'm campaigning for Wales to be ruled separately because you fuckers below show how fucking dumb England is. Only a true Welshman would understand this is true bullshi

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