Nice, France Old Town at night

Now we’re going to take you on a walk through the old town of Nice, France, at night. It’s a very special time to be here — shops are still open until 8:30 or 9 o’clock, depending on the season. Restaurants, bars and cafés of course go well into the night. There’s always lots of people around so it’s a friendly and interesting place to roam. This old town is so attractive that just seeing it during the daytime, which you probably already done, is not enough. You want to come back and enjoy it once again at night when it looks like a different place with this special twilight ambience. Depending on the season it might be this dark at 6 PM in the winter for example or at 930 in the summertime — either way, just after twilight is the most magical time to be out. You’ve still got a little bit of lingering ambient light in the sky and the shop windows are on, the street lights are on and it’s very lively. Walking through these narrow dark lanes illuminated by shop lights and enlivened by people passing by makes you feel like you’re in one of the dream places of the earth.


  1. Very interesting. War, of course is not how the public live, and historical identity of a home dwelling is very much brought into existence by the people residing there. I look forward to learning (a little more) of the additions the Greeks (for example) made to this now wonderful bustling location. (great musicians from this place too).

  2. When in these street during the day, visit the "Palais Lascaris"! . Lascaris was the name of Basileus of Nicée whose daughter was given as bride to a young Genoan admiral, heir of the Vintimille Counts family. He tooks the name of his wife and became count of Tende.After 1580 the county became possession of House of Savoy and Lascaris-Vintimille family lived on the coast till they built the Palace in Rue Droite in Nice in the first middle Seventeen century (from 1600 to 1650). THe palace is a museum with music instruments.

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