New Movies Coming Out in February 2020 | Movieclips Trailers

Here are the top trailers for movies coming out in February 2020! What will you go see?
Watch All the Best New Trailers from January 2019:

00:00 Birds of Prey
02:20 The Lodge
04:47 Waiting For Anya
06:46 Fantasy Island
09:10 Sonic the Hedgehog
12:02 The Photograph
14:31 Downhill
16:50 Ordinary Love
18:45 Ride Your Wave
20:17 The Call of the Wild
22:15 Brahms: The Boy II
24:39 Emma
25:52 The Invisible Man
28:24 Greed

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  1. Invisible Man trailer showed the whole movie basically. I went to see it yesterday. It's a 👎for me. Brahms the boy ll , fantasy island and photograph looks promising

  2. in my opinion birds of prey won't be recognised for the actual craftsmanship and effort that went into it but instead be praised for its "diverse" and the portrayal of "women empowerment" which I find wrong, hopefully critics won't praise the movie just for that

  3. If you strongly believe that Sonic will be healthy competition for Birds of Prey and give it a marathon for its money, feel free to click on the thumbs up icon

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