New bottom

To the bottoms out there.
I’m in my late 30s, recently came to realize and came out as bi, in a marriage that’s opening up.

At some point we’ll open things up enough for me to experience being a bottom to a guy. I’ve been pegged a couple times but that was a good while ago and I know it will be different. I’m super excited but nervous too.

What are your tips for an almost first timer. I know go slow, use lube, relax, don’t push through pain, regular fibre etc. What are the other tips. Do plugs help you to get ready? What are the best ways to clean out? Assuming we’ll be using condoms what’s that like and what other challenges does that bring in?

Lastly, and this is a purely selfish request. Tell me what it’s like to be bent over, fucked by a rock hard cock till they dump a load in you and you’re left sprawled out exhausted and thoroughly used?


  1. Get used to the feeling of something in your ass. Get something as large as you can that is still comfortable. Don’t over do it. Start with things that are smooth and have less texture. Add more texture to your liking.

    Pre stretching can be very helpful especially if you are inexperienced. Sometimes I still use a toy to loosen up a bit before I meet up with someone. Especially if I know they are well endowed.

    As far as douching goes, if you have enough time, plan light, healthy meals for that day. It makes douching easier. Personally, I just fill the enema with warm water from the sink. I lube up my ass and the enema before inserting. I repeat the enema until the water is clear and essentially particle free. Then I shower and clean my asshole really well and use my nails to gently scrape at it to really make sure I get rid of any sort of smell 😂. I haven’t had any complaints following this method so it must be okay. Haha.

    Good luck, man!

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