1. I don’t want to sound thirsty but DAMN!!! Ur girl or friend with benefits *because i don’t want to make assumptions, is dumb. Sorry to say. You have a great body, amazing member and a cute look with glasses. If its a confidence issue maybe u have and want a bit of positive attention. Then job well done because I’d ask Santa, Jesus, and any mythical god for a handsome dude such as yourself. I’m sure a lot of men here are all thinking what I’m thinking. If you were gay come on over!!! And if you do decide to you might try it and have a waitlist. I wouldn’t mind being waitlisted LOL!!! Stay cute. And one last thing. Are u smart. Because if so this isn’t fair.

  2. Is she blind…you’re one hot mother F-er. I’d lick and suck you all day and in places she never did…😜😜😜

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