Nazaria – Book 7: The Life of Travellers

A larger than life picture, a dream for every millennial since the release of “Ye Jawani hai Deewani”, and the newest coolest career in town. TRAVELLING.
But what is it really like to travel solo today? Is it a privilege or a passion?

Nazaria Book 7: “The Life of a Traveller” seeks to get a really close look at the ground reality of travelling full time and what kind of struggles does one face while choosing this “picturesque” path.

Watch and see for your self, what Travelling really means.

DOP: Sushant Sharma, Saket Wahane
Camera: Dimple Lydia
Production: Hani Wadhwani
Footage Courtesy: Sarthak Ahuja, Avantika, Isa Khan
Post Production: Pravin Basnet, Ruchi Roy
Background Score: Pravin Basnet

Produced by: Kshitij Sheetak
Backed by: Shoot Guru

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