Naked & Famous Denim Stacked Guy – Waxed Coating

I copped these jeans few days ago and to be honest I didn’t expect them to be this dope. I would really recommend them to everyone out there who’s looking for a pair of waxed denim.

I’m usually a 28-29 in most denim. These are 28.


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  1. hey i need some help with these bro.. is your true size 31? the size chart says a size 28 is a waist size when you say you got a size 28 its a waist 31? correct?

  2. I'm a pretty skinny guy, wear a 30 waist normally, and like my jeans to fit pretty tight in terms of leg area. Should I just go with a 30 and get the legs tailored if they're not skinny enough? Or go with a 29?

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