Naked Celebrity Photos Banned By Reddit, Huge Controversy Follows

Nude photos of Jennifer Lawrence, Kate Upton, Lea Michelle, and others were recently leaked and put on a Reddit sub-page called The Fappening. Reddit eventually banned the page, but failed to shut down another controversial sub-Reddit known for it’s pornographic and anti-women postings. Find out more about the hypocrisy behind the decision and how much control Reddit should have over its users. Tweet:

Do you think Reddit should have banned The Fappening? Should it ban Photo Plunder? Let us know in the comments!

Find out more here:

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  1. Anyone who knows me will know I have no sympathy for the normalized misandry of our culture. What concerns me about this case is that people like Watson are trying to turn this into a "gendered" issue by being "appalled" at the violations of women's privacy, generally. In other words, she isn't appalled at A woman's privacy being violated.

    So, for me, there is a dichotomy here. Hacking private photos, regardless of where they are or who it might be, is a violation of a person's human rights and reddit had little choice but to delete this stuff. To add insult to injury, feminists are subtly trying to use this case to further their agenda. Watson is "appalled" at the lack of empathy shown in social media for these celebrities. Trying to turn this into a "women's" issue will only exacerbate that.

    When I realized how easy it was to look up some of these nude pics I, too, was appalled. These photos were clearly meant to be private and arguments about leaving your door unlocked and therefore deserving to be burgled are ludicrous. Sadly, it isn't until you see some of these pics that your empathy is really aroused. It is very sad and I wish people would stop piling on these people – whose privilege I don't normally empathize with much anyway – because they are human beings just like you.

    And yes, there are misogynistic comments being made by many in social media on this case. I'd just ask them to knock it off and leave these women alone. You are doing men and women no favors by pouring gasoline on this fire. But more importantly, it's just cruel and hateful.

  2. Yet ANOTHER fucking video about this. This really is TYT's favorite news story. Mostly because they know how much their fans hate them for over reporting it so much.

  3. both reddit and the celebs in question have every right to act as they did cuz that is a violation of privacy, however i do agree with the fact that taking it down is a fools quest. sure it will prevent further abuse of the material for now but if its on reddit its probably on 100 different sites and on 1 million different computers.

  4. I don't really understand why people obsess over seeing a particular person nude. Just search for the millions of people who willingly put their nude photos and sex videos out there. They are far more entertaining I imagine. A simple nude shot isn't all the arousing.  Unless there is something I am missing from what is in these nudes.

  5. Its these celebrities own faults that these pictures got out. They should just take more care to prevent leaks like this. That is why I upload all of my nudes to the internet immediately after taking them so no one can leak them. #PureGenieus

  6. i find this stupid bcz if i get naked pictures stolen of me and spread through the internet(not that i will ever make/made them) i just know nothing will be censored just because they are famous does not make them special as a website you should either delete all unwanted naked photos or none.
    if i was the owner i would not delete them bcz than i have too delete them bcz then i had too delete the rest too+ reddit is kinda the free space of the internet, i might only send them too another website that is not of mine just like the piratebay is doing just too not get a fine. but i would delete all the nudes people made of other people with the other person not knowing it or forcing it upon them

  7. Anyone can be a misogynist or misandrist on reddit. Taking this down was just a case of covering their own arses and giving an outward appearance of decency in the site.

  8. If youre a celebrity, you should know what youre getting into. You surrender your privacy for fame and money, so censoring something that the person uploaded THEMSELVES to the net at one point or another is ridiculous. They should use some forethought, then there wouldnt be a situation like this for them. 

  9. " You don't have a right to look at someone's naked body if they don't want you to". UNLESS THEY PUT ON THE INTERNET WHERE EVERYONE HAS THE RIGHT THE RIGHT TO VIEW ANYTHING THAT"S MADE PUBLIC. If someone stole than I say that they shouldn't have taken the picture in the first place


    The pics are easily found, easily saved and going nowhere. The human body is natural and nobodies is special. Your just pissy about the idea of ppl jerking off to these pics and thats also natural and youre not going to effectively shame anyone for it. in fact im doing it right now looking at them lips. oh no boo hoo so violating. get the fuck over it. 

  11. There's a website that's posting all the pictures an organizing them and they guy that runs it has been updating it with new leaks when they come out. It's hard to find the picture if you don't know what your doing, other than that it's fairly easy.

  12. It's not an issue of free speech or censorship as much as it is an invasion of privacy. None of those women agreed to have their pics shown online. They allowed themselves to be photographed with the understanding it was going to remain private. This was a breach of trust.

  13. To be honest, I wasn't interested in any of this but this is like the 4th tyt vid on it. This naturally arose my interest enough to actually go find the .zip file and check it all out.. I feel like in a way TYT helped keep this story afloat, and kept pulling me in until i did such. Either way, after viewing the Fappenning, I am unchanged on how I feel about each celebrity in the containing zip. Turns out, we're all humans and we all are the same! Interesting! 

  14. Websites become popular because they're free and open, the popularity draws in Corporate Vultures, the Vultures then castrate the Freedom and Openness of the site.
    Then the cycle starts all over again somewhere else.

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