Naked and Afraid's Alison Teal on Arsenio Hall

Alison Teal and Jonathan Klay join Arsenio Hall in coconut shells and grass skirts to talk about Naked and Afraid and more!

Alison has her own adventure series at

Alison’s Adventures – “Your Passport To The World”


  1. Jonathan Klay disgraced the Marines. I cannot believe this guy was in Recon. I bet he just barely qualified and wasnt in battalion long. He may have made the ranks but hes not a real Recon Marine.

  2. No disrespect to the marines but Jonathan would never have survived if it wasn't for Alison Teal, She is a beast in those elements.

  3. Of course I'm just an arm chair survivalist but I've seen enough that if I were to go into the wilderness I would go with Darrin …what an incredible survivalist.  He lost only 6 pounds when others lost 70 and even the skinny women still lost 25 pounds.   …well I might go with Gomer Pile, he gained weight during his survival training.

  4. You were incredible on naked and afraid Alison! It was probably my favorite of all the episodes, watching you carry this marine through the challenge and still keep your composure says a lot about your character!

  5. I wonder why Alison is not on the XL show, her and Manu are ten times the survivalist's that Alana and Honora are.  

    Manu might still be dealing with that Dengue fever, but I would say Alison and Laura are the two best female survivalist this show has had.

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