My Gay Roommate – Season 3, Ep 4: Touched by an Angel

Guest starring TONY Award Winner Wilson Jermaine Heredia!

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Created by Noam Ash and Austin Bening

Written by Noam Ash, Austin Bening & Samuel Korda

Produced by Addison O’Donnell

Directed by Austin Bening

Director of Photography: Austin Bening

From Executive Producers:
William Gerber
Peter E. Korda
David Bening


Noam Ash as Nick Cohen

Drew Paramore as Ed Kleiner

Matthew Lieff Christian as The Cowboy


Melis Aker as The Princess
Scot Renz as The Monster


Wilson Jermaine Heredia as Angel

Edited by Austin Bening

Sound by: Brian Flaherty & Samuel Korda

Costumes by Audrey Ketchell

Production Assistant: James Park

A #StraightFierce Production
(c) 2014

Music Credits:

“Opening: I Hope I Get It” – A Chorus Line, 2006 Broadway Cast Recording – Composers: Edward Kleban & Marvin Hamlisch

Sound Effects by

“The Bulgarians” – Artist: The Apples – Album: Attention! – 2005


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