My Gay Coming Out Story

Daniel Vicente – @itsdanielsinsta

Thank you to all of those who have supported me during my coming out process and thank you for teaching me that love and patients can surely surpass any hate.
To anyone watching who’s having a difficult time accepting themselves or coming out, know that you’re not alone. I will be here to cheer you on every step of the way!


  1. I wish I can find the courage to do what you have done. Only some very close friends know about me. Even the possibility of being rejected keeps me locked up in my closet and it is getting harder for me to be myself. Thanks for sharing this story.

  2. You look good here Daniel! Kudos to journey and process towards your coming out story and the support and friends you gained and kept regardless especially on the part about your songwriting and what it means to you. Its a pretty harsh if you're from a very religious family indeed. Hopefully 5 years later time mends your relationship with family members and its all about patience and understanding and love.

  3. what a heartfelt story. you have a way of connecting with many by being so honest and open. thank you for showing others your journey and how got to a point where you were ready to share your truth. you are insightful and compassionate in how you handled your sisters initial response. I have watched a number of your other videos before coming to this one. this video just reinforced my opinion of you. respected and appreciating deeply that you share you passion, talent and time with use. the success that will come to you is a result of all of the good you are putting out in this world. it is attracted to that same energy. stay blessed and keep on your path of creating content that touches lives and hearts. cheers.

  4. Wow you such an amazing young man. Your so young and innocent, and you touched on things that are not age restrictive. Such as the pain of accepting yourself, because of a predisposition. God loves us just the way we are. love this vid thanks

  5. Daniel, I am Andy and I don't know if you'll ever read this but I was raised suppressing all my feelings. The only things I felt in my alcoholic home were fear and pain until I started to sing. God blessed me with a wonderful voice and when I sang the fear and pain dropped away and I began to feel joy. Whenever I sang, and I made a career in the church with it, I felt joy. It was like an out of body experience. I wasn't self conscious about my looks of size. I developed an eating disorder to cover the pain of burying my feelings. When I sang I didn't worry about any of that. When my attractions to men began I was terrified so I buried those emotions also.

  6. Mate, you succeeded in putting together a fabulous video. So heartfelt and powerful. You have a wonderful loving family and should feel so proud. Thank you for sharing 👍🏻😀

  7. Wow – thank you for sharing -you are a wonderful man… parts of your story reminded me so much of the bio book Out to Play by Robbie Rogers… an excellent read of his struggle, and his 1st man kiss at age 25 and return to soccer…. maybe its getting better x

  8. I cried. U reminded me of my experience coming out in Ireland in the 90's. My experience was positive surprisingly. I had support of my older sisters which was key. I also went to boarding school so also had that issue which impacted my experience and also how others saw me

  9. Beautiful.

    I would like u haven't edited the video with so many cuts. Any time there was a cut, I lost the rapport, and starting to build a new one, and again and again. It was emotional for me, but I think I would be way more emotionaly involved if it was full video with all the silences and mistakes u cuted.

    Anyway, thanks so much for sharing. You radiate honesty and compation. Its so soothing watching you 😛 I think Ive got a crush 🙂

  10. After listening to your story I just wanted to give you a big hug. A friendly, accepting hug as an acknowledgment of the journey to acceptance we are all on – no matter gay or straight. Watched your other videos and what you’ve shared with us so far says you’re a good, kind, funny, thoughtful man and it feels good to see the kind of gay you are ( not derogatory).

  11. Hey Daniel. That was the sweetest, most tender coming out story I have ever heard. Well Done young man. My story is not so sweet and tender. Gay was forbidden, my father abused me senselessly, until I moved out and away to be gay. Then in 1994 I was diagnosed with AIDS, and had to come out all over again, and that did not go well at all. My parents never came round and my brother never spoke to me again. My father died a year ago, and my mother is getting old, and none of my family speak to me ever. Your video made me sad, and I think, how it "could" have been. But wasn't. I'm gonna be 52 in a few months. I have my own story of coming out "twice" the first was much better than the second time. AIDS in 1994 was very horrible. But I survived. Thank you for your honest, and loving, and tender story. I'm proud of you. You are never alone. Greetings from Montreal.

  12. Daniel, I don’t know if you’ll see this comment but I’m a man of science, but also an agnostic, so while I believe in science, I also believe that since we can’t prove a supreme being exists, we should assume that it’s possible that one does exist. As a gay man, I had often asked myself why I was built this way…and after 44 years of life, I finally came to realize that it was a gift to be gay. I’m creative, I’m compassionate, I’m accepting, etc. because of my strife…and I wouldn’t change it for anything. Then I saw a video that looked at being gay from an evolutionary/religious standpoint and it made me view being gay in such a positive way.

    I hope you enjoy this as much as I did ‘cause it’s a beautiful thing, especially coming from a straight father with a gay son who he loves so much. Your story moved me so much because I had such a different coming out story…a very good story, but I enjoy hearing about gay people who fight through prejudice and bigotry because I think we’re a gift to society.

    In case you do read this, this was my coming out in a nutshell, and I hope that it gives gay kids hope that there are people out there like my parents. I was dating a guy named Ken at the time, and I was 24 years old…when I came out to my mom, she asked me 3 questions: (1) is Ken your boyfriend, (2) so who’s the top and who’s the bottom [she didn’t use those specific terms], and after I said we’re both versatile, she finished it up with, (3) so does it hurt when you bottom? LOL. Yes, I had a pretty special mom…especially when you consider this was in 1997!!! When I came out to my dad, it was about 10 years later, and we were watching Big Bang Theory (my pops’ fav show), and my dad asked me 1 question…”are you happy?” After I said, “yes”…he said, “okay, Big Bang Theory is starting up again and handed me a beer and smiled. My dad worked in construction, he taught my bro and I how to fish, go crabbing, change our oil, etc…so he was your typical man’s man…but he NEVER treated me differently…in fact, he may have held me to a higher standard than my bro because he had faith in my abilities.

    Anyways, I don’t usually comment this much, but your story really moved me and I felt like sharing a little with you too. Thank you for bearing your soul and for sharing your experience with us. If there is a God, he put you on this world because the world needed someone like you in it…and I firmly feel like gay people are a blessing to the world, ‘cause like the link points out, if it was a regrettable trait, evolution would’ve eliminated it wins ago…but we’re still around, and thriving. 😍

  13. You’re one of the first guys who actually I seemed to connect with on ur coming out story. I’m a Christian, and my family said the same things as ur mom, I had a lot of depression and just hating myself constantly, It’s so scary for me to open up to anyone.

  14. Hey Daniel, good job with this vlog. I think I’m in love… jk had to get that off my chest. No doubt things have gotten a lot better on the home front? Your honesty and innocence really comes through. I wish you only the best and to continue with your vlogs. Take it easy and be well. Alex from LA.

  15. This is  a  great  coming out  story.  As I've often heard  when you come out as gay, it is also a coming out for parents and family.  Some can never come out but others will love and accept you as all parents should. Thanks for this. It is sorry that in this day and age coming out should have to be such a big thing.

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