My First & Favorite LGBTQ Movies – Lesbian Gay Transgendered & Questioning – Coming Out

1. What is the first LGBTQ movie that you ever saw? How did it make you feel? AND
2. What are the top 5 LGBTQ movies/tv shows that you’ve thoroughly enjoyed over the years for whatever reason?

So sorry about the video quality this week. I spent two hours making this video and then realized that instead of 1280×720 HD video, I had shot all the clips in the old school, tiny 320×240 mode. I’m not going to re-do it so, please pretend that you are watching an old movie clip. LOL

Philadelphia (1993)

Priest (1994)
It’s My Party (1996)
Love! Valour! Compassion! (1997)
Outing Riley (2004)
Milk (2008)

Sordid Lives (2008), Hedwig and The Angry Inch (2001), Angels In America (2003), Brokeback Mountain ((2005), TransAmerica (2005), Midnight In The Garden Of Good and Evil (1997), Big Eden (2000), The Sum of Us (1994), Hannah Free (2009), The Broken Hearts Club (2000), What Makes a Family (2001), For The Bible Tells Me So (2007), An Early Frost (1985), The Birdcage (1996), Kissing Jessica Stein (2002), Get Real (1998), Beautiful Thing (1996), Making Love (1982), Torch Song Trilogy (1988) and Boys On The Side (1995)

Thanks for watching! -Jim


  1. @artofbrowneyedgirl Hey Dianna. I've been adding lots of these to my Netflix queue but need to watch the movie that's been sitting here for a month or else I'll never get to see any of them. lol Yeah, Brent is a little camera shy and not into this YouTube thing like us. We need to all plan another little get together before long!

  2. some of these I've seen, but now you've got me wanting to re arrange my netflicks picks lol
    im sure it's been hard on the relationship over the years that you guys have had to keep quiet your relationship. you'll have to get him on camera someday!

  3. Love your movie choices. I've seen them all except Priest which is getting close to the top of my Netflix queue. I really also enjoyed "Shelter" and "Latter Days" I liked them so much I bought a copy. I saw the comment about "Queer as Folk", I started watching that on Netflix and just gave in and bough the box set, and have rewatched a few times. I saw the comment about Stonewall, it was good, and I liked the documentaries too. Another good documentary is the Mormon Proposition.

  4. Great topic! I loved Philadelphia as well. I have a few others to recommend:
    – The Wedding Banquet: About an intercultural couple in which the Asian partner is forced to marry a woman in a sham wedding for his parents and community. It was the first gay film I'd ever watched, and I loved it.
    – The Sum of Us: A wonderful film starring Russell Crowe early in his career as an out gay man in Australia, and his dad's support of him.
    – Brokeback Mountain: Must be my favorite film of all time.

  5. @Dlorezzz Hey Dolores. I just watched it again last night myself. It's well made and hard to go wrong with Tom Hanks and Antonio Banderas. Thanks for watching. I hope you're having a great day!

  6. You're a terrible person, Jim. Not only have you broken the hearts of all the women on YT by announcing that you're gay, but now you break the hearts of all of us gay men with the news that you're in a long term relationship.

    (I'm going to go have a short temper tantrum. BRB)

  7. I love the movie, " Philadelphia".. in fact, I just watched it again a few weeks ago.
    I had forgotten that Antonio Banderas was his partner. I did not know you were in a long term relationship. Congratulations Jim..

  8. Great list. It's My Party was a wonderful film. My first was Longtime Companion which has the most magical and uplifting ending of any film I can think of. Television would hands-down be Six feet Under. I watched the entire series on DVD, along with ALL of the extras. The characters in this series became like friends. I cried my eyes out when watching the last episode shortly after having lsot my Father.

  9. @ItalianStallionette Gina that's quite a compliment. I was worried that this video wasn't very good do thank you so much for the vote of confidence! Mic tells me that you'll be guest vlogging this week and can't wait to hear about your movie picks. Hey, you and your videos rock too. πŸ™‚ -Jim

  10. Some of these videos I've never heard of. I'm so happy that you shared your films. I really enjoy listening to your accent. You have a lovely tone as well. hehe

    Your videos totally rock. I get excited when I see you've uploaded!!!

  11. @CountryComesToTown I hope to meet both of you in person one day… would be very cool. but till then I am glad we got youTube.. you are a wonderful person and growing friend to me. create a great day!

  12. @CountryComesToTown so many GLBT films end sad….so its great to see some positive endings…. Big Eden such a great movie…I need to get it on dvd…

    Beautiful Thing..changed my life….made me accept who I was and I came out the very next day to my Momma πŸ™‚

  13. @gilbertblaze Thanks Gilbert. I didn't realize how many of the movies had a tragic ending until I started making the list. I also really liked Big Eden and Beautiful thing. Big Hugs to you also buddy. Thanks for watching!

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