My Dick Feels Like It Is Exploding Out Of My Pants

He has a big dick and wants to know how to hide his “bulge”

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  1. It’s no joke, it’s a fucking nightmare! Flaccid I have 9 1/2 inches in the diameter of a beer can, you try hiding out in public! No matter what I try, nothing Heights, even the baggiest of clothing, if I sit down, instantly shows it. I can never find underwear that will contain everything, boxers are totally out of the question because you cannot miss it flopping around in my pants. Going to things like a locker room or clothing optional beach is a total nightmare, because everybody, men and women, just sit there and stare, making crude/rude remarks. Every time I use a public toilet like dick hits the bottom of the toilet, which is totally disgusting so I have to hold it up with one hand! It does sound like a joke, but for guys like me, it’s anything but. I absolutely love the outdoors, I love cycling, jogging, hiking, climbing, etc., but everything I do involves wearing tight fitting clothing, and I’m only 510 and 160 pounds, most of my friends call me “baby arm “, or “third leg”…… and worst of all intimacy is a complete disaster every single time. Everybody loves looking at it and touching it, but when they try anything else, it’s usually the exact same thing over and over, if they try oral on me, they simply can’t fit it in their mouth, being a gay guy, I only have one guy, who thankfully is now my husband, that could handle it. When I was single, Every single guy would be drooling all over themselves as I took off my clothes, and not because I have a good body, I have absolutely no ass at all, I wish to God I did, I’m slim but not muscular at all, the only thing they see is my dick, and is soon as I get hard they literally walk away telling me there’s no way they can handle it, and it pisses me off! If it wasn’t for Internet porn and my right hand, I’d have no sex life at all!! Well, I’m not used to being in a relationship so forgive me using the wrong pronouns, at least I have someone I can be intimate with you know who isn’t terrified to touch me, or to let me penetrate them, because I’m strictly a top. If it wasn’t for him, I don’t know what the hell I would’ve done because not one guy would allow me to fuck him, even oral sex was a challenge. So you can laugh all you want,But having a big dick is a total nightmare, not a blessing!

  2. I like how people assume it’s fake (but it does sound sketchy)… but people out there have this problem it doesn’t matter if it’s fake it’s still helping people, but when a girl ask how to deal with her big titties people always have nice things to say :/

  3. Hey guyz, being a men is sexy and be yrself. Penis is a part of our body and loved it. Take it as it goes. Bulge is not something to shame about, just b proud and go with it. Yes, i did hv bulge in public. So wht? Yeah! I am a guy and god create me as it is as a girls having a pregnancy or milking their children. So wht? Its similar. We r human. So go with it. Theres nothing to shame about. I am proud be a men.

  4. I actually do check out guys “bulges”….. its pretty easy to tell whether the dude will be a good sexual partner (big D turns me on).
    One guy in my class always wears tight jeans and we know that he has NOTHING in there. On the other hand, there is a guy (whos nudes slipped) and we know that his dick is massive! 20cm!

  5. no sorry guys, it´s not girls who enjoy seeing dicks exploding out of men´s pants. it´s gay men who do 😉 men are extremely visual whether they´re straight or gay.

  6. I'm not imagining this. I have a huge bulge, and pretty much the only pants I can wear is jeans.
    I can't even go swimming on a swimsuit, because of my bulge. I'm so ashamed of it.

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