1. you're probably not gonna see this buttttt…I've always been in to guys but I've been so hurt by them that i just isolated myself but i just recently started talking to this girl from my neighborhood and we frfr started off as just friends but she told me she had developed feelings, and since then I've just gone with the flow too and tbh i feel great with her she allows me to be myself and its just a comfortable vibe with her. but i'm terrified of letting my mom know because when my aunt told her that she had a gf we weren't allowed to see her for years, i feel like my mom would disown me because of her religion 🙁 i love you and crissy soo much yall inspire me 🙂 okok im done

  2. I can tell your not the bad person whatever happened between crissy and domo your not bad at all your heart is genuine however I saw videos of crissy yelling and treating u u don’t deserve that. Your fine asf and can get anyone

  3. You are never gonna make it big mila. You lack the personality. Its so obvious you are using crissy. You were a broke ass human before you got with crissy and you been enjoyin spending her money and using her for clout. Youre basically nothing. Why dont you make something outta yourself on yiur own instead of using people.

  4. I'm a stud too but I grew up in Africa so it was a lot harder for me to come out especially to my religious family but when I did it was the best feeling ever (they all told me they low key had an idea though because I've only worn a skirt like twice in my life 🤣🤣 I was one of the boys)

  5. The content here is pretty damn dope. It’s very influential for upcoming tubers like myself. Subscribe to my channel and join my cliqué. My first video will drop soon before the end of the month. My wife and I had started one too.

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