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HAPPY PRIDE MONTH! This was not easy for me to upload but I hope you enjoy it and maybe even learn something from it! Thank you SO much for the support, we love you!

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  1. I happen to have a very religious family background and i can relate so badly with your situation yet I still don't have that courage to come out to them. I literally just bursted into tears when you said your mom texted you telling you to go home. I've imagined thousands of times coming out to my parents and I wish I can have the same happy ending as you did.
    Anyways, definitely loved all of your videos, just came into one of your videos and have been watching then for the whole day!

  2. Hey Paige! Watching your video now (I’m new to your channel) and I wanted to say how much I love yours and Holly’s content! And how proud I am of you both !! Your story is empowering and inspiring! 🙂

  3. I just watched couple of your videos and i really do respect your honesty about your story, but inside me i believe that people need to understand that the nature is men & women as pure concept of family which is the root of any society, God bless all of us, amen.

  4. #1 still love kaelyn and Lucy. #2 I also thought my first girlfriend was the exception. But also the second, I didn’t come out to myself till the 3rd 😉 #3 I also wrote a letter to my mom but she didn’t take it well. I relate so much to your story. Thanks for posting!

  5. I'm already out to a lot of people but I really have not related to any coming out video as much as you and Holly's (and I commented on hers too), with your descriptions of how you were excited at first and then bored dating guys and it is just nice to connect with that feeling coming from other people. Even though I'm further in the whole coming out process than a lot of people maybe watching this video, it's still helping me feel less alone about the feelings I went through, so thank you for posting. <3

  6. When I was little and found out about gays and stuff I was like, "so I can marry my bff??" And that was a random thought that has stayed in the back of my mind for years. I am currently going through puberty and late this school year, I realized something. I don't like boys the way other girls do. Just as friends. This leaves me questioning my sexuality. How can I tell if this isn't just a phase? I really don't want to be Asexual…. Does this like, mean I am lesbian?

  7. I’m bi and my family has no idea I was with a girl and my parents didn’t know I remember texting her my mom must of Hurd me giggle and asked me who I was texting and I said a friend she asked a few question like what’s there name is it a boy or a girl after that she didn’t ask again another time she was joking about me getting embarrassed around guys I remember yelling and girls I was shocked I said that and scared but she must of not Hurd me because she did it again a while after that time I watched what I say because my parents are Christian and I remember them saying that they don’t completely agree with gays lesbians but I never Hurd anything about bisexual people I found out my freshman year which was last year I’m a sophomore I’m hoping I can make it through high school without them knowing or freaking out it’s stressful and frustrating that my friends know but my family doesn’t

  8. It's so nice to hear about Lucy and Kaelyn again. I was a big follower right up until the end. And I'm glad everything turned up good for you with your family!

  9. Im So Proud Of You Guys. You Know, Cause Some Parents Wont Except The Fact That Their Child Likes The Same Gender As Themselves. But Im Glad That You Guys Put All Of That Behind You Because Some People Have Different Reasons Why They Choose The Things They Have Done In The Past So You Should Never Judge Anyone. But Now You Guys Are Living Your Best Life Together Not Only With Your Girlfriend But with A Best friend As Well!!

  10. your channel makes me so happy! i myself am a lesbian i came out in january 2016 to my parents and best friends after hiding it for 8/9 years! now been with my current girlfriend for 2 years and 5 months! #LQBTQ <3

  11. oh wow! I really connected with this video. I knew I liked girls from a very young age as well and wanted to be friends with the girl I would be crushin on. It wasn't until high school where I was fully aware of what it meant to like a girl, and all these LGBT+ terms.
    anyways, thanks for sharing! <3

  12. I’m sorry to ruin the mush with sarcasm but when is saw the caption and picture of the video and it said “I’m gay” I though no shit. Lovely video, just wanted to say this.💙 Loved this.

  13. I also come from a religious family and faced the struggles that comes along with that. So funny that you would mention Lucy’s video, because that video is the same one that pushed me through too! 😂

  14. Very proud of you Paige … yes it is very difficult indeed! … not knowing what will happened being paranoid and all but at the end it will be okay because no matter what, there are people who are bound to really love us despite of who or what we are and that is the most important thing. Great Story!

  15. This is my new favorite channel BUT I am legit invested in there channel and journey that I hate it takes more than a week to upload a new video… I GUESS I HAVE TO WAITE 😉

  16. I'm from a very religious family and it was really hard for me as well! Looking back I can see signs from early on, but I didn't know my sexuality for sure until I was 18! I didn't come out to my family until I was 19 and had been with my girlfriend for 3 months but it was coming up to Christmas and she wanted me to tell them about her so I did… I texted my mum and said I was going on a date and was honest when she asked who with and it all started there…. It was so hard for me and I cried a lot but I'm glad they know now I suppose… I also knew at this stage that I could stay at my partners place if I got kicked out and stuff… Luckily I didn't but after my mum told my dad he didn't look at me or speak to me for weeks which was hard….
    Disclaimer: I have never been close with my family and have been lying about basically my whole life since I was 10 years old

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