My Coming Out Story (Gay)

This is my unedited video reflection for National Coming Out Day. If you are watching this because you need support, I am there for you (along with a lot of other people who identify as LGBTQ+). Keep your head up and chin held high because you are you and the best around! Have a great day!

PS: I apologize for the quiet sound!


  1. You're freaking beautiful, just putting it out there hehe. I came out almost 4 years ago, it was not bad or good it just happened. To this day it really doesn't come up and I've become complacent with a probable solitary life, so honestly the whole "I'm gay" thing became obsolete, and I don't even admit it to anyone, I came out to all the people that needed to know and I'm satisfied with that. Sometimes I still pretend I like women because you know, I don't want to arouse suspicion. I accept my sexuality, but I'm too reserved and private to be out to the four corners of the world.

  2. So glad I tuned in. Great story…and another important one to share. It's always the right thing to do (to be yourself, that is). Wishing you all the best of everything…forever! 🙂

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