1. Coming out as bi at 16 to my family was exactly as I expected. It was hard because of religious background. Later it just turned out I only really liked women. Then coming out at 19 as ftm trans it was the same as before. Not taken seriously and just being told “ are you sure? You haven’t thought about this long enough” and blah blah other crap but I felt relief to let it be known because why would I want it to be a secret? The important thing is my supportive girlfriend and friends that I have

  2. I had just gotten in trouble with the law and I couldn’t foresee things getting worse and my brain came to the conclusion “try anyways” and I sort of came out even though gay didn’t even begin to cover it and it was a bad day and it’s been kinda bad since but i feel better because it’s off my chest anyways

  3. 6:00 ohhhhh fuck, oh damn, yeah, dang that was me, faith christian academy no less, now finding out I'm asexual cause that was the only crush I've ever had, but probably more homoromantic than heteroromantic, but let me tell ya, we had one hell of a bromance, is there a word for a girl bromance?

  4. First of all, thanks for saying thar coming out as bisexual can also be a hard thing to do.

    Second: yes, your identity is someone to be discovered. One of my friends first came out as homosexual. After two years she realised that she was born in the wrong body.

  5. It's funny it went the other way around to me since I had never even heard of asexuality when I first started to question myself. So, my path to try and find a label that describes me perfectly is this: straight – lesbian – bi – pan – panromantic asexual – aromantic asexual. I spent years calling myself straight since I didn't even realize what sexual attraction actually means. My lesbian phase was short since I realized I didn't feel anythkng different towards women compared to men and vice verse. I also spent quite some time on the pan phase since I just ran out of labels and didn't know what else to call myself and lost motivation to even think about the subject. I also thought I must be at least panromantic since I didn't know aromantic people can still get very attached to people – just not in the romantic sense.

  6. Uf i came out to my fiance as bi three years ago and it was the first time I fully embraced it after pretty much being aware of it since I was like 12? I'm still not 100% out and it feels irrelevant to come out now since I'm in a committed relationship with a man I don't expect to separate from? Idk 🤷‍♀️

  7. When I was in 7th grade I started having a crush on my male best friend
    (At the time I was identifying as male(I am mtf but still closeted 👉😎👉)) and I told him and we awkwardly just didn't do anything because he was "straight" and when our freshman year came around and came out to me as bi😂

    I still find him hot 😂
    I could've had him

  8. Me coming out as bi to my homophobic mother: mom I'm bi
    My mom: no ur, not such thing doesn't exist no one in our family is LGBT and neither are u
    Me: well shit guess I don't exist

  9. I have no clue if in the future, I want to be like, ah yes, this silly pride flag is here because I am, indeed a lesbian, to my non-immediate relatives ounce I Come out to my immediate relatives or if I want to be like “AHEM, EVERYONE, I AM GAY” because their all really religious but I’m also not close to them at all so I feel like they can’t really be mad at me at the same time. Or if I want to make a post online as a way to come out which I feel is the safest but yeah…

  10. I dunno if it's exactly the same but I feel, as an agnostic growing up in the 'Bible Belt' of the U.S., I can certainly sympathize as to having a "coming out" moment with my dad. Kinda like "Yeah, I hate to break it to you but I just don't really think I believe in God." and having to try to prepare yourself for whatever backlash may come of this. Which, thankfully for me, was nothing. I know not everyone else is so fortunate and that's a real shame. :/

  11. I came out to my friend in a game of twenty questions. (She had twenty questions to guess my celeb crush). After a bunch of "is he…?" questions, with my answer being no, she finally changed the gender LOL.

  12. My Coming Out –
    Me to my mum – "She was checking me out to see if I was a lesbian. I could tell she was by the septum piercing"
    Mum – "Why do you have one? Are you bi or something?"
    Me – "Yeah I'm queer I thought you figured that out already"
    Me to my dad – "Hey I'm Queer"
    Dad – "So you like looking at your sisters in the bath?"

  13. I came out to my homophobic brother when playing Wii sports resort a few weeks ago.
    Me: You can use the arrows to choose a sport to play
    Me: How can I be an arrow when I'm not even straight.
    Bro: Haha! GAYYY
    Me: Nodding
    So yes I have the best coming out story

  14. I always laugh at myslef coming out to myself (as bi) because I had this slight crush on a guy but then started not really caring that much about him…. because I was slowly developing a HUGE crush on my female friend! And just weeks, days before realising that I was telling my other friends "I'm like…. 99% sure I'm straight" and then that percentage kept decreasing in my head until I was lying in bed at night and suddenly I realised I was thinking about The Friend and OH I'M BI, slowly followed by the realisation that every time I would look away from a girl because my heart was beating too fast may have been a sign (I acually was worried that I just hated them for no reason and my fetus bi brain was like why???)

  15. I am in the "in love with your best friend" situation but we're both out to each other but I still feel weird and probably won't tell him for a while

  16. Literally had a relationship while in the closet and it ended pretty quietly because I told only close friends about my relationship. Luckily, we still talk to each other but now that I'm out, I do wonder about what if sometimes

  17. My revelation? I was sitting on a table in gym class with friends talking about boys. I then magically realized that none of the "crushes" I had were real and I was probably gay. It was a nice moment

  18. I’ve always been a devout Christian and still am. Despite at the very east not being straight, I’m so scared that one day my parents will check my search history and figure out. I’m scared that I’ll never be allowed in church again, I’ll be disowned, or be sent to conversion therapy. I think I may be polysexual, and a couple of my friends know already. Please help

  19. Yeah I came out as a lesbian at like… 9? And then I turned about 13 and I realised I'm bisexual, and then at 17 I realised I'm homoromantic so thats probably why I thought I was a lesbian–I'm not romantically attracted to men!

  20. I’m a bi girl and one of my best friends is also bi, and I honestly think I like her, but she has said passively that she doesn’t like me that way, and I was like hehe ya me too, but I also don’t want to destroy our friendship, and we would not be a successful long term relationship as we annoy each other very easily (we’re close enough that this doesn’t affect the friendship) and we’re way too similar, but ahrrg

  21. if I came out to my family it would probably by me just making a joke.
    like we'll just be talking and I'll just be like:
    oh hold on one second it's my gf.
    just kidding!
    pause for homophobic family members to sigh in relief or be confused
    I'm single

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