My Coming Out Story

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If you are someone struggling with coming out and you are feeling suicidal, The Trevor Project is here to help 24/7 at 1-866-488-7386.

Stay kind and stay beautiful!

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  1. Wise counsel to young guys in the same position. And LOL the cute guy you were noticing and admiring must have been doing the same with you. You’re wise, kind and beautiful. What a catch. Wishing you a wonderful new year from 🇿🇦

  2. Glad to hear that you still have your faith! God does love you for who you aware. You’re a very intelligent and well-spoken young man with a bright future! Wish you the best.

  3. Grew up in the Baptist Church and I believe that God is Love & he loves you for being you. I am Proud of those who have the courage to come out. Mark Don’t EVER think that God Doesn’t Love you. God Bless You.

  4. That was wonderful, Mark. As someone old as dirt, let me say, despite the noise, I've always come back to feeling how natural it feels to be gay and conflict is not with God but the naysayers.

  5. Omg this really helped me out. And im happy im not the only one who has decided to be a gay.. honestly you helped me Mark and its been only 2 weeks since i found you on instagram🤠hehe anyways, just be yourself and don't let other command your life❤😁❤

  6. Beautiful, Mark. Just like you. On the inside and outside! I LOVE how you describe the freedom you finally experienced living your authentic life. Learning to release the things in life one can’t control takes time (I’m a work in progress) but the freedom and grace on the other side is a reminder of the richness that exists in every moment. There are so many beautiful moments ahead for you, friend. You are worthy of those moments. Keep up your beautiful journey.

  7. Good video for your being young and your being gutsy and caring enough to help others in the tortuous challenge of coming out… especially for those brought up in the family of fundamentalist religions.

    Would you allow me into your thinking process of discovery without your taking offense?

    If so, please consider the following:

    With modern technology, and satellites, we can view our Earth from many miles above. When so high up and looking down, try to locate where you are. You are in a tiny pinpoint in or near a large city in a bigger state, (California), in North America on a much larger surface area of Earth.

    One aspect of the way the human mind works allows us, most of the time, to only keep focused on the reality of the small area immediately around us. Yet while your mind is focusing on your immediate world… a huge world of happenings with nearly 8 billion other people are occurring.

    It takes time to understand… with all of that out there… to learn much of what has happened to you, your mind, and situation.

    Here in the U.S. there are perhaps millions of citizens… outside this pinpoint of your world…who have realized that studying about the origins and history of their religions was a starting point of leaping into a new and truthful reality.

    You may be familiar with Philippians 04:08. This may be looked at as a test of one's character concerning honesty and
    Courage. This passage, if you commit to it, will conflict with large portions of of your childhood indoctrination and large portions of the bible (whichever version you have) .

    The test of your character lies with your level of commitment toward what is actually factually true and why you became a Christian in the first place.

    If Christians truly commit to what is true, as they claim to, it is a tedious journey, but if taken… would save countless lives of youyh and tragedies which break apart families. A true good leader needs guts and lots of them as you have by producing this video.

    The human mind's frontal lobe is not fully developed until a window that nears age 21 for most humans.

    You need years of supplies of guts to bravely discover truths and face the realities of your childhood's religious indoctrination. Once you commit to these guts you will need for truth…( to wonder is to begin to understand)…you will discover that you are not leaving who you are a d why you became a Christian in the first place.

    Browsing theinternet, agood place to start is

    I am writing this to you because of a comment you stated in this video.

    I did not leave my church because I was personally hurt by the people nor hurt by its doctrine. I left my church and Christianity because after I reached the age of reason, after 21, I…as I always have…put discovering truth first above what anyone else thinks. I put truth above cherished ceremonies, fellowship, and beloved hymns.
    I left Christianity because the price that is paid, (children mentally tortured and suicides) is too high a price to pay for adults feeling joy in their religion.

    I left Chritianity, because I know Santa clause is not real and the hard truth is, neither is Jesus. Oh those that wrote the gospels and other books existed, although we really do not know who, but water cannot be turned into wine.. and humans in their bodily form cannot enter space without a space suit on.

    A true friend.

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