1. I'm sorry your mom choose not to come to the rable. Your a fine young man, I'm a lesbian. My mom a is wonderful. I'm always open to having online children. So if you need a momish, person in your life for hugs .I'm game. 😊

  2. Wow, one of the worst I've heard; no one deserves to be treated the way you have been by your mother. You did not mention her parents? They must have been very conservative/traditional.

  3. God…I love that ending!! Thanks for sharing a part of your life with us. CHEERS TO YOUR DAD! Some day I would love to share my life's story with you, but being that I'm already 70, it is too long! (More than a video, it would be a Full length movie___an interesting one at that). Sadly though, I still can't find a way to come out! I'm living more of a "Hermit's Life". All alone and super unhappy!! No friends, and hardly any family; no one to talk to…THAT BAD!! So, again, thanks….Un fuerte abrazo, mi amigo. (Google it, LOL)

  4. Thankfully you have a Dad with a backbone of steel and unconditional love for his children! The hard part is knowing that a mother is willing to erase her own child from her life over something that has NOTHING to do with her and to be able to do that you have to be selfish, heartless and without a conscience, at least in my universe. Good luck to you and maybe someday this all works itself out. Please thank your father on behalf of some of us who never really had one because he's a perfect example of what a parent should be…

  5. I know this is about your mom…but my takeaway is how freakin’ AMAZING you DAD is!!! Your dad sounds like mine…my dad grew up on a farm in Hawai’i, always worked blue collar jobs, raised my bro and I fishing and crabbing…but when I came out to him, his one question was, “are you happy?” And when I said “yes”, he said, “that’s all any parent wants for their child” and we went back to watching The Big Bang Theory! My mom? She asked me who was top and who was bottom between my boyfriend (at the time) and I…and then if it hurt to bottom! Yeah, she took it EXCEPTIONALLY well. LOL. Well wherever you are and whatever you’re doing…I hope you’re thriving and that your dad is still your biggest supporter. 😍🏳️‍🌈🤙🏽

  6. Hello, I’m so sorry to hear that about your mother, but what a remarkable man your father is. Even though your coming out story was not perfect, it was important to show others just how difficult it is for individuals to accept, even when they are family. I pray that one day she comes around before it is too late. My own parents got ill and passed away one year apart. The family was so busy dealing with hospitals and sorting their personal items together I never got around to telling them. It hurts me to this day that they left not knowing…I wish you well and please post a vlog should things change ? Be well and take care. Alex from LA.

  7. Very intense story and brings a lot of my personal memories to the Forefront about when I came out. I think I came out to my family about four years after I came out to my friends because I didn't live at home. I think I came out around 26 years old to my father and mother and stepmother. I never actually talked to my father about coming out but I have never heard from him since telling my stepmom. . My stepmom was okay with it my real mom on the other hand I have not talked to you for a very long time . That made me feel like I could never go home again unfortunately. I am so sorry to hear that your mother did what she did. A good mother should never want to abandon her child under any circumstance or even leave mementos have you growing up in your past behind. She does not deserve the love that you give her. That being said I hope she does come around in the future and work for your forgiveness. Your dad sounds like a great person. Understand family is not always blood especially for a gay person. Family could be the close-knit friends that you make. I'm lucky and that even before I came out to my family I had a good group of friends something that I still have almost 24 years later. I have a husband that I've been with almost nineteen years and been married to for four of those. He is the most wonderful person in the world and I would do anything for him. His family also makes me feel like part of them. Even though I don't have my own blood family I feel very lucky with what I do have.

  8. Thanks for sharing your story! You describe the moments in a way that I can directly relate and visualize the experience you had. I am so sorry you became distant with your mother. I only hope at some point she can eventually accept who you are! Thanks for sharing this story!

  9. I didn't get a chance to come out to my parents because my math teacher called my mum and told her that I'm gay before I decided to come out. My mom was crying a river at that time and try to prevent me from being gay. Eventually, she's getting accept me for who I am.

  10. So sorry you've had to live through this twice. This is what unaccepting people, especially parents don't understand. You have already lived through this up to this point: Everything they are thinking you have gone over and over for years. You have asked yourself why me, prayed for change, gone through denial and played straight. At some point one has to be honest with one's self and realize that you're in order to achieve any sibilance of happiness you're going to have to go through life being you and not pretending someone else in order to please the narcissistic desires of others. Hopefully, she will come to understand and realize it isn't about her and has nothing to do with her. The only choice you made was to stop pretending and be you. Good on you and good on your dad, he sounds like an amazing person

  11. I was in tears by the end of this. What an amazing video. You are really articulate, as well as handsome! Your mom should be so proud of you. Estrangement is her loss more than yours.

  12. Warm Hugz lil bro… always leave the door open to unsuportive ppl / fam. You had a lot of time to process who you are, they need at least a while to also. Someday the pain of not having you in their life will outweigh the fading bad feelings of the diff life dream she had for you. #1Life

  13. I`m HAPPY for you…tell your mom to read "The God Box" or "Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe"…both might ease her into acceptance…hopefully?!

  14. Deep story men. And congrats on 6 years on coming out . Your mom all she needs is time she'll come around you'll see.your story is kinda like my story .keep your head up and time will heel all the pain. And thanks for sharing your story:)♥

  15. Congratulations on coming out at least you told your parents I was too scared to! Now there both gone and wish I could have the balls to come out when they were living! Your Mom raised a handsome guy your amazing 😉 why can’t she see that? It’s NOT a choice being gay we are born this way !! I pray she comes around .. AWSOME video by the way 👏👏❤️

  16. That sucks that your mom does accept you, but it's awesome that your dad does and is proud of you. I was outed to my parents in 1976 and both my parents were very accepting, in fact they joined PFLAG and took in kids thrown out of their homes because they were gay.

  17. That’s crazy about your mom. Sorry about that but she’ll probably come around one day. When I first came out, my dad didn’t take it well at all. But years later he became very supportive. It was definitely a long process for him. Hang in there.

  18. Your mom dosent know what she's missing ! My dad tried to poison me when he acidently outed me at that time my life was rough but I made it through have forgiven my dad it took years but we are buddys and he is one of my biggest suporters love wins everytime just love your mom & forgive her the rest is on her shoulders as for your what a truly awesome dad he seems to have raised an awesome son he should be proud hang in there let love lead you

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