My Coming Out Story

Lol! So understand that as serious as this video is “meant” to be, it’s not I’m comfortable with who I am and very comfortable sharing it and telling the world so just enjoy the video and LIKE it and SUBSCRIBE to my channel for more 🙂


  1. A couple ppl already said what I felt which was i can totally relate.. Also new subscriber !😊 over time tho I'm becoming more IG a lesbian than not I been wit my boyfriend a year now n its bn a emotional rollercoaster because he doesnt understand y ppl /me is gay smh n hes a great person..but I come to realize he's a lil narrow minded n I shouldn't have started wit him.we should have just remained obviously we won't b together eventually,iv tried telling him to leave times before but he refused,and actually I love him he's the only guy I'll ever love.but I will NEVER STOP LOVING WOMEN,MY LIFE N SITUATION IS VERY COMPLICATED N MOST PPL DONT GET IT.

  2. I had to change my entire name for this comment. But anywho, I'm a 18 y/o girl and I know I'm into girls, always have known futhi. I've been into girls for as long as I can remember, just the female body on its own drives me nuts! But i struggle with coming out and telling people that listen, it is what it is and this is putting a strain on me and my school work (y'all know how hectic matric can be) although I know if I were to come out a lot of people wouldn't be surprised, and if they are that MF lying. I don't date because if I were to date at this moment I'd have to date guys, it's bad enough that I have to pretend I like them just so people won't question my sexuality. But they know. I know they do. One of my friends has mentioned it to me but I brushed it off. But lately I've been sorta preparing people for when I "come out." I post statuses about LGBTIQ+ community, I make sure not to block my siblings, and when asked if I'm gay, I lie and say no. I say I'm posting this because one of my friends are having a hard time because of their sexuality, which is true but it's not the reason I post these. I also say this so they can be somewhat open-minded towards the LGBTIQ+. But if I do come out though I know ALL of my friends would be supportive, my youngest brother would be too. I don't know but my older and second oldest brother would react but I think the second oldest one wouldn't take it well, he was openly homophobic while I was in grade 6/7 I think, but it was when Senzo and Jason were popping on TV.😂 He may have got over it over the years, I don't know. My father? He might be cool about it. My mother? I'm sure she'll go bananas and arrange a praying session for me.

    In a nutshell (I don't know why after I explained all of that above😂😂) I'm a 18y/o Lesbian girl who's never been with a man because andibafuni! Who's struggling to come out but hopefully will next year and I'll change my name back and let y'all know how it went, that's if I find the balls too.😂💔
    And don't come at me with the "how do you know if you're gay cause you haven't tried men?" I know okay?! I just know! Just like how you know you're straight without trying women, I don't have to try dick to know that I love boobs and vagina.

    I know this comment is all over but, I had to vent out!

  3. Why is this me? I remember losing my 1st kiss to a female friend in Primary school and then later on losing my virginity to her and it felt normal.

    At the time I didn't understand that it was so different from "others" and that we had all these labels around sexuality. Only in Grade 9 was I like "damn I'm actually attracted to women more than men. I've been with 2 women so far and no men" and finally accepted myself for who I am officially 💀💀💀

  4. this is so interesting, I am also lesbian(fem) and i always come across people who either dont believe me when I say it or think i am going through a phase OR EVEN WORSE; They say I am avoiding pregnancy! I personally thing Fems and bisexuals have it rough outchea. but anyway I am all for this video!

  5. Good story. I had a friend of mine when we were younger who wanted to play house and he wanted me to play the wife/mother. It played a role in my growing up to an extent. I subdued that moment for years but realized later that it did play a big part in my life. I am very much into women, but realize that I would date the right guy if he approached me and the chemistry was there. I definitely am not someone who gets turned on by guys in general. It took me over 20 years to realize that I am someone who falls for the heart hence why I said that I would date the right guy if he approached. Women are my number one. Love the contour of a woman's body.

  6. You're so beautiful and I Soooo love your vids. I'm new to vlogging and this video got me thinking… When would be the right time into vlogging that one could post such a video?
    We sailing on the same boat.

  7. It is refreshing to listen to your experience about being attracted to women. I appreciate your candid conversation and your honesty is inspiring; especially, considering you are from Africa because there’s much homophobia in this country that I hope one day will be overcome. ✌️

  8. This video was so reassuring of everything I'm going through. I think people definitely don't take those who are questioning or bisexual serious which is highkey problematic.

  9. "i liked her nobody ever questioned that" that wouldn't happen in let's say 1960 lol. progress! bisexual women are so common and accepted these days. bi guys are a bit more misunderstood and hated.

  10. Some of these comments.. wow. Anyway I'm super interested about learning and educating people about these sort of topics. So I'd love for you to make a video explaining LGBTQIA+ for people but like I wouldn't expect you to have expert knowledge obvs just a young definition of each, I think people would be surprised to know that they're actually queer. 😬❤

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