1. hello my name nickname is Kate
    from untied states
    thank you for sharing im glad that your taken big risk in your life do what ever makes you happy Julia <3 we all love you for who you are I think you have best talent there is your so confident I love that about you

  2. Hi,Julia I have been gay for 2 years now…I didn't tell my parents yet.I just kissed a girl!!!Her name is Dana!Thanks Julia for coming out to!It made me so happy you did this…It mades me feel alot better knowing you are to!!!

  3. You go girl. Last June 2 we did a wedding for one of my very best friends. My DIL is a wedding planner but was over booked for that day, since I've bee n helping her for years, she set me loose on this one. It was a beautiful wedding if I do say so myself. My friend and his husband gave us free Regine to decorate how we saw fit. All they asked for was the colors light purple and lime green, and tons and tons of tea candles, it was so beautiful. After the mother son dance the grooms had a dance then danced with their dads. So refreshing after all it is the 21st century. He came and got me to introduce as one of his besties who did the decorating and planning. After that we dance to Soul sister by train then he gave me a friend kiss on the cheek and turned me over to my husband. I love P and R .

  4. sou lesbica, já namorei homens, mas me descobri completamente feliz quando comecei a sair com mulheres de um jeito mais "sério" digamos assim hahaha
    conheci minha namorada no tinder e foi por ela que resolvi me assumir pra minha mãe. no começo foi um pouco dificil, mas hoje (quase 3 anos depois) ela ja aceita bem mais…
    temos uma marca de comida vegana aqui no interior de SP e, agora, uma loja de produtos veganos tb, então acho que minha mãe finalmente entendeu o quão serio era e como nós duas conseguimos crescer juntas… é tão bom poder ser quem nós somos sem medo! <3

  5. I am watcing your channel for few days now. And i am watching videos which are old, and also the new ones. You are saying so confusing things like here you say that you knew you were gay when you were 13 and had a boyfriend when you were 17, and in the video side chick you say that you didnt know that you were gay, and you had your first boyfriend at 16… also you said you were in shared accomodation with that strange guy for like 1 year, and in the video where you say that your gf cheated with her cousin say that you stayed in shared accomodation for 3 months. Are these stories even real?

  6. I think a religious upbringing can stunt a child from being themselves. I had a Christian upbringing, so I get it. I had such a lack of self-awareness. I was also naive to homosexuality as a child. The girls in school would talk about their crushes, and pressure you into telling them who you have a crush on, and you feel like you're supposed to like someone, so you give a random name of a boy, then a girl is asking him if he'll go out with you, and he says no. That happened to me twice between 6th grade and 8th grade. Bla bla bla……. fast forward, I didn't become self-aware until the week before my 30th birthday. I came out to this girl I used to talk to that I'd met online as a teen, and we talked on and off — I knew she was gay, so I thought she'd be supportive —— she was not. So, I came out to my brother who lives far away, thought he'd be supportive, he wasn't either. SO…….. I told my sister that I'd told them and had two bad experiences coming out, and she said I should have told her, and not them, and right off the bat said DO NOT TELL ANYONE ELSE. As in 'our mom'. Since I have no friends, and am not dating, I guess it really doesn't matter… '_'

  7. I’m not out to my family yet but I’m bi and I’m dating the same gender right now all of my friends know at school they are all so sweet and supportive and some of my friends are lgbt too!

  8. "If anyone doesn't like me because of who I am, they don't deserve to be my friend." That's such a powerful and liberating thing to say! I just came across your channel yesterday and I really like it! I can certainly related to the struggles of coming out as I came out as transgender about 3 years ago. I've always been attracted to woman, so it took me a little while to realize that I'm also lesbian (growing up I thought there was no way I could both be into woman and want to live as a woman).

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