1. your so lucky they except you:[so I noticed when I was gay in 2nd grade I think I just started hanging around girls a lot then once I kept getting older I started to come out more but then when I was in 8th grade I got caught and I got in trouble by my parents and I got smacked by my dad and I got my phone taken away and he told me I should like girls but I had to say ok so years went by and im in high school and I started for feel comfortable for being myself so all my friends knew I was gay they were happy for me and in 10th grade I did assembly's and I danced in heals in front of the whole school and the crowd was screaming and after that day I felt more comfortable being myself so I was being myself and stuff and all my friends been there for and my sister knows im gay she is happy,i think my brother knows,my aunt found out and texted me and told me that she loves me either way .But everytime im home and stuff I feel like my mom knows im gay cause she says stuff like girly things to me and when my sister is with me and my mom my sister says stuff like smd and my mom stays quiet so I think she knows idk but my dad is the worse one to tell im very scared and he does not except me for who I am so im just being myself doing me until they notice it :]but its just hard and I hope they can accept me one day but this video you did about your coming out story made me feel alil confident so im hoping I can be myself.Thank you for making this video it helps a lot ,btw im a big fan your funny ,cute and you seem nice and keep up the good work if you want to contact me here are my contacts things…[email protected]_curly.luis_ or [email protected] !!!!!!

  2. Wow.. we're finally getting the "Straight" boys perspective.. like this should be blowing up. Every gay has a had a "straight" send him mixed signals and not know wtf is going on! But You're getting us Just as horny with your mental games.. Lol. Just know that. Sorry not sorry

  3. You keep talking about all the love you have then you put down our President with hate in your eyes Your getting a thumbs down for that one! why can't you liberals just stick to your point and not show your true colors?

  4. Omg for 1 I love u your channel so much 2 it like we have the same life because my mom and father are the same way always making jokes about that LGBT community and saying little smart remarks but I went through it and learn how to love myself and accept myself thanks for sharing your story love u much 😍💝

  5. My name is Michael and I am the Founder for an upcoming company known as Like Us Publishing. I found your coming out story to be truly inspirational. Like Us is currently working on an anthology called "This is Who We Are" which is geared toward helping the LGBT individuals still struggling with acceptance. We are also striving to help those who aren't LGBT to understand what one goes through before coming out, and showing that who you are isn't a choice.
    I wanted to reach out and ask if you would be interested in sharing your story to be published in the anthology. We are still in the earlier stages so it will not be published anytime soon. In the past, we have transcribed YouTube videos ourselves into stories for the anthology so as to save the individual time. I really hope you will consider submitting but, of course I will understand if you choose not to. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to reach out to me here, or contact us at [email protected]gmail.com.

  6. This is a cool video and all but it's not cool to say "if you wanna just lay down the bi pillow go ahead and do it," because it discredits people who are actually bi and just reinforces the stereotype that bisexual people are just gays lying about their sexuality. there are people who are genuinely attracted to men and women. It sounded like at one point you were one of them since you were attracted to this girl you were dating. Don't make it seem like being bisexual is just an excuse for people who are too scared to say they're gay, because that's definitely not the case.

  7. Was the hotel, you got rejected from, a room with one bed or two beds? I know a lot of straight guys that go on "Lads holidays" and share a room with several beds in it.

  8. Brandon – You are a brave,hob=nest and humane human. Bravo for doing this,talking. I..we,us all have felt / experienced variations of your experience.
    *Your video Has helped more than one person.

  9. Lowkey I love and hate watching these videos because the people making these videos just seem so perfect and amazing and I’m like I’d never ever have a shot with this guy or that guy 😂

  10. I don't get your accent at all!! It sounds so Midwestern American, and then there will be Australian or English vowels popping in! Where did you grow up? Did you have specific dialects in you household growing up? I'm very interested

  11. So handsome and such a inspiring video ❤️ I've been through some of your footsteps coming out and everyone should at least watch this very inspiring ❤️

  12. Congratulations on coming out!!! I am gay and know how it feels to come out! I am older then you and never told my parents I am gay and I sooooooo regret that now. I wish I was your age but I am what I am and thankful us gays are accepted more now then in the past. You are such a gorgeous guy man I think your a fun guy to be with, I know who ever ends up with you is going to be the luckiest guy because your a GEM!!

  13. I just watched your video with Imari and saw this video, you're so good at story telling and it's brave of you to tell this! I'm proud of you for coming out💕I subbed ily

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