1. I love Rose so much, she's so genuine.
    I remember my "I was totally fine with it till I wasn't fine with it," moment till when I really accepted that I was gay it was around; going to say 2002-2003, I was 16 or 17 and I was watching Mulan with my little cousin and started crying when the song reflection started playing because the song spoke to me on so many levels.. honestly, it still is a bit tear-jerking when I think about that time.

  2. I watched this video some years ago when i was insicure about my feelings, i couldn't totally understand myself…i watched again this video today that i'm more conscious about myself. Now i know what i want, it's not easy accept who you are but you have to do this, i accept myself more and yeah i'm single but happy😂 cause i know who i am and its fine.
    Love you❤

  3. Finally, i did press the subsribe button here.. Actually i'm scared a lot just to press this button.. But i'm so in love with Rose and Rosie.. And now i want to cry..

  4. I watched this video when it was posted and I’ve watched it most days since. I love her so much, she has helped me through a lot and I will be
    grateful forever… she is an inspiration and a role model. ❤️❤️😘😍

  5. The thing about trying to accept yourself first in the inside to see if someone realizes it and be ok, hits way too close!!!! I tried that but literally no one cared, even when i finally took courage to come out as bi. It was no biggie and I was so in my head about ir, it was so silly OMG

  6. i am a 14 year old bisexual (maybe lesbian, still questioning) girl from the netherlands. i have not come out yet even though i know my family will accept me. i am more scared of how the people, not blood related, will treat me. i know they will accept me for who i am, but i just dont want them to treat me differently. i have played soccer/football for over 8 years among boys and ever since ive gotten questions about my sexuality. ive always denied it which makes it even harder for me to come out. do you have any advice?

    sorry for the bad grammar xx

  7. I totally get it you had to understand what being gay meant to you before you could tell anyone else what it meant. I knew when I was 10 (we are the same age btw born 88) and struggled with what that meant to me and what it meant for me. I wish I had youtube and people like you back then. what you are doing is so important for the world. I don't know if you know what twin flames are but that's what I think you and Rosie are. and you're going to change the world through love <3

  8. I want to send this to the girl I was once with who said she was gay then cried and tried to kill herself because she thought it meant God hates her, she's now getting married to a man. She needs to learn to love herself….

  9. This meant the world to me. I’m a “young” lesbian and people often tell me I’m wrong and I’m stupid or accept it and call me a “dyke” and I repress how I feel a lot I realised I like girls when I was 12 and only realised I didn’t like girls a year-or so ago and I have a lot of internalised homophobia for myself. This video has helped me a lot… it’s made me realise it’s not just me. There are other lesbians and gay people and just people who also feel this way ❤️❤️❤️

  10. I always come back to this everytime I have a bad day. Still keeping my sexuality to myself though, there's always be time for that. Thank you for this, Rose! You're awesome, I know you know that but… yeah, you are and I adore you v much!

  11. Say it doesn't matter all you want, the lesbians of the lgbt community who lost her virginity to a dildo and really never been with a male before will think she's more of a lesbian than you , like a higher rank lesbian than you, ironically , many of these lesbians will come out backwards the first time she takes a cock, at least you experimented with yourself and you are now sure and certain of who you are and what you want , as a straight Guy who find best friends in lesbians much more than any other human species , love and lots of respect , Rose..you're beautiful , smart and so damn witty and fun to be around, God bless.

  12. I know this is an old video, but I felt compelled to comment! I have had similar struggles with mental heath & accepting my sexuality( a long time ago now) but you articulate the process in such a warm, candid and genuine way, so thank you for putting this out there! On a side note — I’ve recently subscribed to yours & Rosies channel and you make me cry with laughter! Brilliant humour! X

  13. I am 12 and I have had a crush on a girl that I met this cool year and I hate it. I keep accidently staring at her when she is literally on the other side of the school. I wish I did not like her, I count her as my friend and it really hurts.

  14. As a 16 year old lesbian, I can not imagine having sex with a guy. NO JUDGEMENT is intended. I just don't understand how it could even begin to happen with your consent.

  15. I clearly have a Rose and Rosie obsession, I’ve been going on a marathon for like the past 4-5 days. But when she hits that “it’s okay to just be” TEARS like literally starts crying for no reason. 😭

  16. I’m a demisexual lesbian, I’m Romanian, and I feel that something huge misses from my life. Meaning. Understanding. I don’t have people to relate to here, no one who would get me. It’s been pretty rough so far. I think the lack of motivation is what harms me the most. And also my social anxiety. And I just feel like I’m tied to these things that everyone thinks are true about me and I can’t escape and I can’t speak my truth and all I can do is wait, but I don’t know if it will ever get better. Maybe it will and I will just laugh at myself a few years from now, but right now I feel stuck. I have this feeling that I was born in the wrong place and I’m constantly a misfit and it’s hard. I feel like I don’t have a lot of opportunities. Also, I’m way too insecure about almost anything and I push everyone away all the time because I know I’m unable to have friendships or any other sort of social interactions with people .

  17. "There will always be people in this world that try and put you down, and try and tell you what you are, but don't listen to them, for God's sake. Because anybody who makes it their life's work to hurt other people really needs a bit of self-reflection. They need to be happier."
    >> this is very well put and made me feel empowered 🙂

  18. I had the same boyfriend for 4 years from when I was 12 to 16 and during that time my mom told me multiple times that it would be fine if I liked girls, so when I realized I was gay I assumed she knew. A month after I broke up with my boyfriend I was spooning a girl on the couch at a party and my friends asked me if I liked girls, so I told them yes and came out. 2 days later I decided to tell my mom and she was really surprised, which surprised me. The she proceeded to tell me that I would have to tell my father myself, which scared me because he was a little more conservative, but when I told him, his response was hilarious. He just told me "I knew, are you in a relationship with (girl I fancied)" and suddenly I was the one who didn't know how to react. About half a year later I reconnected with a girl who asked me if I liked girls 2 years earlier but I told her that I had a boyfriend (she said "that's not a no") and we started talking a lot. My parents actually asked me when I was going to make it official with her and I told them I wouldn't, but two weeks later we did anyways haha. She was my first real girlfriend and I still have very fond memories of our time together.

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