My Coming Out Story

I finally made the video, hopefully this helps those of you struggling


  1. That's a wonderful story. It is the opposite of mine. The bullying was intense before I came out. But that was the early 90s "don't ask, don't tell" era.

  2. I just read that guys with older brothers tend to be gay. It's biological. Mom has the first boy and her body makes antibodies that cause changes in the brain of the second. It's real.

    You are good looking. If you weren't doing this video I wouldn't know you were gay. Glad you're having a good life.

  3. bravo — thanks for a great video — i envy people who clearly know their sexual orientation at a young age and don't swim in a sea of ambiguity …

  4. Hi,
    I wanted to thank you for posting your video. It's nice to get a variety of different coming out stories. Your response years ago will still help those that feel trapped and alone.

  5. oh my goodness Pano you were super cute b4 you started saying -give this video a goddamn thumbs up anyways 😉 haha I mean you still r but younger you 😉 HELLO haha

  6. I'm sad that we as gay people feel the need to "come out". No other group in our society does this, just us gays. Of course we should be accepted without explaining ourselves to everyone but when we do this we are defining ourselves by our sexuality. The very thing we are trying to stop and that blaring contradiction is something that every gay person should think about.

  7. You can't be gay, your room is a mess! Just kidding, I wish I was a little neat gay guy but really I am not. Thank God my son is a neat freak or gee what the hell. Love your video. Thanks.

  8. Wow-you handled that very well Pano-on your own terms in your own time. Want to email you my story-I had all these preconceived ideas that had good motives, but turned out to be a disaster. Just started reading your blogs and think you are one great guy. Adorable as well (wink-wink!) Happy holidays!

  9. You were insanely lucky, to have virtually everyone around you be cool with your sexuality. I'm glad that your coming out wasn't as tumultuous as it is for many others. However, in many cases, it's not that simple for people. Not saying I disagree with your advice to those who haven't come out yet, but don't downplay the possible realities that may come about. The truth of the matter is, everyone's not gonna have it this easy, and instead of telling people "Oh it's not as bad as you think", alert them to what MIGHT be the outcome, which is shunning, ostracism, getting kicked out, etc. You did acknowledge that not everyone has that support system like you, but you still kinda diminished the heaviness of coming out. You know what I mean? I respect this video so much, but I'm just giving my honest opinion, so please don't take offense.

  10. You and I have a very similar mentality. I knew around 6th grade, and I never really felt the necessity to speak on it because it didn't really matter. It still doesn't.

  11. I was searching for a coming out video I saw long ago (in internet time) and came across this. My first thought: is he literally in the closet?

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