Hey people, so many have asked what my experience was with coming out- so here’s my personal story before, during, and after coming out of the “closet.”

Disclaimer: I struggle with explaining my story because truthfully I really don’t like the whole “coming out” process because society has made it out to be a HUGE deal; when in reality we’re all just humans who love other humans.
Gender, race, color- it doesn’t matter and I am someone who stands for equality among all human beings. Let’s put an end to labels and start accepting everyone for who they are! Who’s with me?

Also, I said I would share my message that I shared on social media the day I came out, so here it is-

December 30, 2014:
“Dear family, friends, whoever is reading this, I am not doing this for attention, nor out of guilt. I am writing this out of sheer honesty. All my life I’ve known that I’ve been different, but I didn’t wanna face or accept it. It’s something that I hated. I told myself that no matter what, I will be normal, I will blend in, I will live by society’s standards even if that means I’ll be miserable.
It’s been a long 20 years, and I’ve recently realized that I was the only one who was making it a problem, I turned something so small into a huge deal for senseless reasons. The fact is, I am who I am, accept me or not, I will be okay.
So for those of you who don’t know,
I’m gay.
I’m a homosexual, a fag, whatever you want to call it, go ahead. I now understand that it wasn’t by choice, nor was it how I was raised; but it is what it is. And to everyone reading this, if my sexual orientation really makes you feel uncomfortable, or gives you a reason to no longer be associated with me, then that is perfectly fine. I understand, do what you need to do. But I am done living for everyone else, I am done feeling ashamed, I am done blaming myself for something that is forever a part of my life. And as clichéd as it sounds, I am finally happy with myself. So feel free to say whatever, think whatever, do whatever you want because I will go on living regardless of any opinion out there. I only hope that you are capable of seeing that who I am is not defined by who or what I like, and that I am the same person you met at some point in your life. The only difference is now I am free to be who I want to be, as you all should be too.
Just remember this life is too short to live for anyone but yourself. That being said, I wish you all nothing but happiness in 2015 and for all the years to come.
thank you.
– still and always, matt.”

Remember to love and accept EVERY PART of you, not just your sexual orientation! Much love as always, and don’t forget to FEEEEEEED 🙂

(song: Earned it – The Weekend)


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  2. I was between 6 and 7 grade and my friend told me that she was bi and dating this other girl that was also my friend, and later that day i was going to stay the night at my guy friends house who i thought he was straight but he told me he was bi and i told him i was confused about everything bcz i just didn’t understand it and he helped me except who i was

  3. I knew I was gay when I was always daydreaming over this boy in 4th grade now im in high still in the closet but unfortunately I have a crush on a straight guy yeaaahhh crae crae right butt yahh

  4. Jeremy, wake up and smell the coffee. Ur gay. U didn't choose it, but at some point u realized u liked girls, but wanted men for sex. Get over urself. If u are comfortable with ur orientation, others will as well. Trust me, when I finally got sick of lieing constantly to everyone I meet. I finally realized that anyone who can be so mean, really hurts my feelings.

  5. Saw your video because of Tim Pool. I like your story good job buddy. I've not had your experience, I like girls lol. Thanks for sharing and helping other young people be happy in their own skin.

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