1. I was pretty lucky. First I was born and lived in New York City – which didn't hurt. When I was 24 I told my sister and my best friend – and within the year told my parents and the rest of my siblings at different times and THEY ALL told me the same thing – that they just wanted me to be happy. How great is that!!! It wasn't all roses though, I did go through 16 years of Catholic school first, which messed me up enough to delay the whole thing until into my mid-20's. It's such a shame it's such a big deal…………….. but, it is getting better!!!! Last thing – my father, who was a truly wonderful man, commended me for telling him and my mother in a such a considerate and sensitive way: and THEN, MY FATHER TOLD ME TO BE CAREFUL IN LIFE, THAT A LOT OF PEOPLE HAD IT IN FOR GAY PEOPLE. MY DAD WAS TELLING ME TO LOOK OUT FOR GAY BASHERS. I am such a lucky man.

  2. A common argument for the acceptance of homosexuality and same-sex marriage is that, if God is love, He would not condemn the love of others. The main problem with this is what kind of “love” we’re talking about.

    First John 4:8 says, “Whoever does not love does not know God, because God is love.” The “love” referenced here is the Greek agape. This type of love is the conscious act of sacrificing one’s own desires, comfort, and even well-being for the sake of another. It is the love that sent Jesus to die on the cross for our sins (Romans 5:8). And the love that led God to send Him (John 3:16). The greatest fulfillment of this love is to sacrifice one’s life for another (John 15:13).

    The question, then, becomes what constitutes the well-being of another? The world and maybe even our own sensitivities might say that to allow another to live in a homosexual relationship is to see to their well-being. The Bible says otherwise. Romans 1:26 says it is disgraceful and dishonoring. First Corinthians 6:9 says it will keep a person from the kingdom of God. First Corinthians 6:18 says that homosexual behavior is a sin against one’s own body.

    If this is true and homosexual behavior is dishonoring, a separation from God’s blessing, and self-harm, then the loving thing to do is to stay away from it. To encourage others to indulge in sin is to encourage them to reject God's blessings on their lives. It is the opposite of love.

    That being said, those with homosexual attractions are in desperate need of love. Even if they agree with the Bible that homosexuality is a sin and resolve not to seek fulfillment of their sexual desires, they must still find love in other relationships—the self-sacrificing love of agape and the friendly companionship of phileo. When our emotional and social needs for love are met, we are less likely to seek fulfillment in unbiblical ways. It’s no different for single heterosexuals than for those with homosexual attraction.

    Can someone with same-sex sexual attraction be healed and become heterosexual in thought, desire, and deed? It is possible, but it is not certain. Being saved and forgiven does not rid one of temptation. For the believer, as long as same-sex attractions are present, abstinence is crucial—as it is for anyone not in a heterosexual marriage. Believers should not condone sexual relationships outside of a heterosexual marriage, even as they show agape and phileo love.

    It is a lie that all humans need sexual fulfillment (Matthew 19:12). It is a lie that sex equates to love. The God who created us insists that sex is an expression of love between a man and woman who are married to each other. Outside of that context, sex is harmful and very much unloving. If we love others, we will not encourage them to sin, bringing harm to themselves. Instead, we will follow the greatest commandment and provide for them the real love they need from us.

  3. well I'm glad people accepted you for you when you were coming out unfortunately when my mom found out i was gay she told me that i was discusting and she was embarrassed and that just broke me

  4. My coming out story is different.
    I'm lucky to be born in a environment that never made me feel awkward about being gay. So I have never actually 'come out'. All the people who know I'm gay do so cause they talked to me about it and asked me.
    "I am a very private person, yet I am an open book. But if you won't ask, I won't tell."

    It's not like I need to tell EVERYONE about who I love, it's just not a big deal.

  5. I like it before I even watch it 😂😂😂love you loads 💖💖💖💖omggggg hope ur okay now from the surgery 💯💯💯💯luv you loads ur great!!!!! Stay gay 😂😂😂😂😂even though I'm a girl and your Hella cute 😂😂💯💖😘luv you loads

  6. Wow everyone I have a confession to make….

    I am proud to be a heterosexual. Is that homophobia? If so… well its not phobia means fear and not saying hey I think its wrong.

    Hey I like tits, on a female who was born a female and none of that bruce genner crap, and their legs and hair and really soft skin and their butts…. God knew what he was doing.

  7. Damn I've been watching your videos since you were posting your early vids like this.  Its funny how you seem to try to act tough and a smart ass but when you started uploading videos weekly it was such a change.  You were a typical gay guy lol.  Still cool vid and I'm a fan.  lol just pointing out a change I noticed, maybe its just me?

  8. You weren't joking when u said u stumbled out of the closet hey, and u still got through it, despite many awkward and not ideal situations. If this doesn't serve as inspiration and motivation for ur subscribers and viewers, then they need a bit more.

  9. I recently saw this video and others like this about two weeks ago, maybe a tad less. I found so much inspiration in this to come out. I first told my lgbt friends, two of which are best friends of mine, then my other friends, and saved family for last. It helped doing it this way. I felt I gained momentum. I gotta say, coming out has been one of the best things I've ever done. I'm happy, I feel like I can breathe, and I have a whole new outlook on life. Everyone I messaged, every single one, had my back. It feels good to be out.

  10. After watching your coming out story, I must say it's touching and beautiful, but also that you have become more true to yourself. If you hadn't come out, we'd be missing a lot from your videos, which have become more and more interesting as you grew older and more experienced in their production. Congrats!

  11. Great vid, thanx for sharing that us Jack;). PS to "Noneofyourbiz" I think u should go see someone about the clear issue u have with other people's lifestyles and or orientations. There is nothing Unnatural, deviate or disgusting and sure as hell not abnormal about being Gay or Lesbian @ all… We live in 2014, not 1920 so get with the program and if u don't have something nice to say, don't say damn word!

  12. Hey Geraldine noneofyourbiz, why in the hell would u want to let everyone know that u have CHOSEN an unnatural , abnormal , deviate , disgusting lifestyle ?

  13. Lord, I'm scared of coming out. Being a gay guy in Africa is terrifying. I mean, my mom once said she'd rather have a son who is a thief, or even a murderer, than one who is gay. Sooo, yea, I'm probably gonna be in the closet for a while. Sucks, but that's how it is…

  14. Even though it happened like that, at least you don't have to hide it anymore and you can be yourself! I had a hard time coming out until I moved to NJ two years ago, and thanks to my really good friends there it helped me ease myself out.. Also really enjoy your videos, man!! 😀

  15. OMFG you are hilarious i love your videos lol i could really use your help in trying to find some confidence within myself. if you actually care or give a fuck feel free to message me.

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