1. I am a “boomer”. I know. I know. I was an Gen Xer and now a Boomer. That is fine with me. ☺️ I really love where your house is!! You are a lucky gal! You are very young and beautiful and I wish you all the happiness in the world. I have no living family left and am happy you are close to your family and appreciate them! It is wonderful to see you have your family as a support. I hope you have a wonderful life!

  2. Uh hiya adea I’m trans but I really don’t know how to come out to my big coz I’m afraid he might dump me could you give me some advice please xX

  3. Adea you have transformed in to a very BEAUTIFUL and GORGEOUS woman very PRETTY face. I also love your sexy voice. And there is nothing wrong with that. 💘 U 4 it.

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