Mumbai Mother Places Matrimonial Ad for Her Gay Son, Seeks a Groom

‘Wanted, a groom for Mr Iyer’ said an advertisement, a first in India to be put out in a Mumbai tabloid.

36-year-old Harish Iyer’s mother was getting impatient about his advancing age. She thought it was time for Harish, a Gay Rights Activist, to settle down and thus put out a matrimonial advertisement.

“If you have the numbers, the government has to do something about it. Because it’s not one parent who is struggling, a whole lot of parents want their sons to be or daughters to be settled in life,” said Padma Iyer, his mother.

For 57-year-old Ms Iyer, there were initial hiccups but then it was smooth sailing as the advertisement has received six responses by now. She said placing the advertisement was not easy as some publications turned it down citing legal issues; some offered suggestions on the way it was worded. It was finally published by Mid-day.