1. This is my favorite position tbh, something about having a bottom wrap his legs around me, moan in my ear and dig his nails on my back

    I’m in heaven

  2. Yeah dude. I exclusively make love to my bottom in missionary. It is so primal and lets me make out with my man while feeling and digging deep inside him. With his legs wrapped around me and his arms around my neck. Swoon dude, swoon. Nothing better than seeing his flush, cloudy eyes, and hearing him moan while I dig deeply. Fuck I love watching dudes lose it when I’m on top of them making them mine. Nothing makes me cum harder or more deeply than that dude

  3. I wanna experience that. I feel like compliments during sex are so top tier. I wanna hear it all, make me feel warm inside while you’re warm, inside 🥺😅

  4. It’s my favourite. I love the intimacy and getting to feel my man so close to me, seeing his face as he’s pleasuring himself In me

  5. It’s my favorite topping position! I like to observe the Bottom’s face expression and adjust my fucking accordingly. And when he wraps his feet legs on my back… It’s so 😍

  6. I used to love it with my ex, we had the most passionate sex I’ve ever had. I can’t seem to vibe with anyone else that way now though. Doggy all the way 🤣

  7. I love to “top from the bottom” and being on my back and my man above me…. i can control speed ant thrust. All he needs to do is kneel and ill do the rest 🙂

  8. My first time was in missionary (I was the bottom) and in less than two minutes I had my first hands-free orgasm! It’s definitely the best

  9. I feel this! Any position where my boyfriend can put all his weight on me and keep me from “escaping”, I’m into it haha

  10. Absolutely. Nothing better than watching my man’s face as he fucks me. I love it when a top leans down to kiss me while thrusting. I can’t tell what’s better; wrapping my legs around his back or resting my feet on his shoulders

  11. It’s my favorite as well. Easier to hit the right spots as a top. And easier to bottom in that position. For me at least

  12. I can take dick so much easier in missionary, so I totally agree. Plus, the top has easy access to jerk me off too which is hot.

    Plus, it is really the best position for him to pull out and shoot the load in my mouth still.

  13. My favorite topping is the bottom flat on the bed with this pillow under his crotch buns up. But bottoming I like to be fucked missionary. If it’s a hookup I love it when the guy stands on the edge of the bed while he fucks me.

  14. I’m a tall guy, so it depends on how tall my sexual partner is, but I love missionary when it’s possible.

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