A World AIDS message from host Lonnell Williams.
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  1. @brainuppance No, thank you. I'm very much on the same page with a lot of what you say. HEAL (aidsheal. com) is one of my favorite organizations as they challenge the very existence of HIV/AIDS. I also respect thebody. com as they come from the medical standpoint and offer heavily researched (funded) information. I want people to make informed decisions with complete information. This is something I plan to explore more in the coming months!

  2. @brainuppance Thank you for your comment. I'm respectful of all beliefs. My intent is for us to take responsibility for our own mental, physical and spiritual health. Whether AIDS is a government concoction or a true epidemic, the individual has to make the right choice to govern his/her own body. From HIV dissidents to AIDS propagandists must not honor the dictates of fear. Knowing your body and its potential challenges is part of that process. Lets live long and prosper.

  3. hope people start talking about the cure– this is a new age in the fight against HIV. I challenge you to look into this folks. Timothy Brown, the 1st HIV positive man cured was announced last year. Just last month the 1st functional cure administered through a pharmacological was announced successful in macaca trials. The cure is here, it's now a matter of developing practical and effective means of administering it. Again, I challenge you to research this for yourself. Just google 'HIV cure'.

  4. Preach brother man preach! Even when you're being amusing – you come out with deep profound insights – yes we must strive through blood, self hate, sweat, bullshit and tears to ''maximise your own potential'' – ''stand in your light'' – plus the Black community has to ''celebrate each other'' bite back the bullet of bullshit and hurt that's about to come from your mouth – and say to yourself -would i want to be anyone else, be with anyone else, belong anywhere else – BUT RIGHT HERE RIGHT NOW! XX

  5. you provide my life and brain with so much expansion and inspiration that it helps me and the fight towards my passion and dream seems to be a bit more unstressful and that much closer. i thank u. Love u 4 real ur Fan ur brutha in the Lord,Louis 🙂

  6. speechless, wow just wow. I'm so glad you took the time to do this video. from the words to the image of the sunset or sunrise over the monument in the background of your heartfelt direct words. all I can say is WOW.

  7. @teamfergiedutches Great question…thats a tough one. If they've disclosed that to you in confidentiality, then you should definitely discuss their behavior and why they r being irresponsible. As for putting them on blast, I don't know. I think thats an individual choice, and does it really do more good than harm? If u r compelled to tell someone they're messin' with advise that person to make sure they protect themselves…period. Don't know if theres are right or wrong 4 this. Awesome!

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