Men’s Closet Organization – How To Organize Your Husband’s Closet

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Here’s a tour of my husband (to-be) Ed’s organized closet! He uses elfa as well. The trickiest part of his closet is how the closet itself is longer than the opening of the door, making it tough to access the items in the back corner. If you have this problem as well (most people do!), check out how I resolved the problem making it super easy for Ed to SEE and ACCESS all of his shoes. Is your husband//wife/fiance/boyfriend/girlfriend organized or is he/she a hot mess!? Leave a comment below or create a video response!


  1. Too much irrelevant blabbering – I kept skipping forwards and probably missed out some helpful bits. Tip: get straight to the point – no one cares about whether it was today or last year when you did the striped paper thingy and whether you like it or not; the only relevant useful info is that you label the sections (something I've only started doing recently and would have found useful if I had seen the video before that). Likewise, if I want to see a dog playing, I'll just search for those videos – trim it out to make it relevant 🙂

  2. These videos would be much more useful if all the extraneous jibber jabber were cut out. I don't have time to sit down at my computer for hours to listen to someone talk. Please get to the point!

  3. i also removed the doors to my closet bc they slide but you can only open one side at a time and somemhow that made me feel claustrophobic; I replaced them with a nice curtain and so now it's much more liberating being able to see the whole closet, and also being able to cover it all.

  4. Besides your marvelous organizational skills, I also LOVE your little dog, Mojo.  He's SO adorable!!  Wish I could have time for a pet…I would probably neglect the poor thing since I work 12hr shifts. 

  5. One thing I noticed right away is that your husband's pull out valet needs a lid so that his nice watches etc would be virtually free from dust & debris.  Also, do you use cedar gadgets, hangers, etc in any of your closets?  

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