1. Ain’t nothing get me hotter then sticking my face between two fine ass cheeks and just engorging myself using my tongue on that hole. The only thing I ask is that whomever I am eating out clean properly. I’ll take it from there after that.

  2. Thank you to all the tops that do this!

    I once hooked up with a guy in bar, we go back to my place I’m ready to get my ass fucked.

    He looks at me and he says he has unconventional sexual tastes. I expect him to tell me he likes anime octopus fucking or some furry shit. Being the whore as I am I am NOT discouraged.

    He says his kink is he REALLY likes eating ass. So we spent all night with him jerking off and eating my ass.

    It was awesome.

  3. I love rimming a guy. I love to take a long time down there shoving my tongue inside. Then licking around the edges and then big slurpy lick between the arse cheeks. My partner gets so horny when I’m doing it he begging me for my cock and get rock hard doing it.

  4. Best way to get me ready. Shows that you’re dedicated and that all that time I spent douching is worth it! 😁

  5. Bottom here who loves to eat my tops ass. I love to use my mouth to make love to his ass. It gives me such a rush to feel his hole tighten and clench as I tongue fuck him. I then roll him over and swallow his dick.

  6. Getting your ass eaten is the absolute BEST! Just let me sit on your face and grind my hole your lips. Its a plus if you have a beard too 🀀🀀

  7. I looooove to eat ass. I lick, blow, kiss, caress, finger, tongue-fuck every single bit and I enjoy so much to see the bottom loose his shit and ask for the D.
    For me, it’s part of oral sex. Love to eat dick as much as I love to eat ass.

  8. There need to be more guys that learn how to douche and clean properly! I have no problems doing that! But you have to be super clean!

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