Meet Rain City Soccer Club

Meet Rain City Soccer Club
Meet Rain City Soccer Club

Rain City Soccer Club. Image courtesy of Rain City Soccer Club.

Founded in the 1980s, Rain City Soccer Club is the LGBT football club for Seattle.

I spoke with president of the club, Jerice Anterola, to see if I had what it takes to pull on some boots and hit the pitch.

Why is there a need for a specific LGBTI soccer club — why not just join the existing soccer clubs that are open to everyone?

Because unfortunately homophobia still exists, and the founders of the RCSC wanted a place where people could go to be part of a close, tight-knit community, and feel safe and accepted on the soccer field.

How many members does the club currently have?

The club currently has over 200 members. We’re always seeing people retire, so we’re accepting new members all the time.

Do you have to be LGBTI to be a member of the club?

You don’t have to be LGBTI to be a member of the club. We gladly welcome those who are accepting and loving of the LGBTI community.

What are some of the biggest challenges in running the club?

Fundraising, and paying for programs for the members.

What sort of standard of soccer does the club offer?

We have teams of all different skill levels. From never playing before, to advanced. All are welcome.

What sort of competitions or events do members take part in? 

Every year we host a friendly tournament, and invite members from surrounding cities to come and be a part of the day and social activities. We also host smaller events throughout the year to try and sustain member participation.

Does the club take part in any community activities or outreach, or is the primary focus the soccer?

We participate in volunteer activities, and also work with non-profits to provide services to those who may be in need, whatever that may be.

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