me talking about being a transgender gay man in 2011 + 2017

“before you judge me, try hard to love me”

being transgender is something I often denied to myself as I didn’t know if I wanted to physically undergo all that is traditionally involved with a transition. as I learned from my gender identity therapist, it doesn’t have to be a transformation nor do you need sexual reassignment/sexual body parts of the sex you are to be transgender. being transgender is something you just are, not something you choose to be nor something you change to be. the gender you are is who you are and no one can tell me I am not a male because of my appearance. you don’t know my mind, my body or my struggle.

I was so scared to be honest about this so I thought it would be easier to say I’m non binary. but that is just not authentic, it was my shield to protect myself from the massive backlash that ensued today after my coming out


  1. Hi Trisha you're still beautiful no matter what I love you you're such a beautiful amazing sweet person send you all my love and prayers all the best love from Josh.❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  2. I never hardly comment on here but come on you will say anything or do anything attention ! You say u love being girly but next breath u want to be a man ! I’m going to unsubscribe! As I don’t believe a word u say ! 😤

  3. Straight cis woman liking gay porn is not a thing. It’s disgusting. You’re basically fetishizing gays. That’s disgusting. And that’s not even 0.01% trans or gay.
    Using sexuality or transgender people for click bait is not a joke and it’s not funny. Being trans most of us face gender dysphoria all he fucking time. It’s horrible it’s not a trend or some shit. You’re really putting us and trans men in danger by doing this . We don’t need More danger than we face every single day

  4. So you’s kill Trish for claiming she’s A man. But it’s okay for the rest of “Trans” people to say their the opposite gender and we have to conform to that. Who cares leave her alone

  5. okay, SO, what im getting from this video is that you're fetishizing gay men and persuading people into thinking you're trans? u h m ?

  6. Sometimes T is confusing. However , its obnoxious how so many commenters who appear to consider themsselves " woke ", judge her so hard for having a pronounced female form ( while calling herself trans ) … telling T she cant be lesbian or bi. Stop policing ! . Clearly shes been considering the whole spectrum of self-identify for years.

  7. This shit is so annoying when normal trans gender come out no one attacks them for doing it for attention, but the second Trisha says anything about being trans it’s all for attention.

  8. Trisha paytas fetishises gay guys and is ok with the fetishisation of trans people and as im someone who is both I'd like to say, go fuck yourself, learn to use the proper terminology and get some fucking help.

  9. She said she’s seeing a gender identity counsellor … so if that were true wouldn’t the counsellor have told her liking gay guys doesn’t make you trans lol ?????????

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