Mary J. Blige Makes It OFFICIAL – Comes Out Of The Closet As A Lesbian!

Mary Jane Blige is an American singer-songwriter, actress, and philanthropist. Her career began in 1991 when she was signed to Uptown Records. She went on to release 13 studio albums, eight of which have achieved multi-platinum worldwide sales.

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  1. if Mary j Blige is gay then that's her business. I really don't give a crap. this woman Jaguar wright, she has the right to run her mouth but she's just looking real pathetic at this point. I mean when you're known more for being for gossiping then you are for your music, you failed as an artist.

  2. Aye Aunt Mary Lady You could be Gay and Straight and sideways and still have "Love"Tell all them that got something bad to say about ur situation tell them "No More Drama"in ur life Auntie πŸ’― They wanna be in ur shoes Auntie πŸ’«& for the girl who posted on Mary & about Mary sis you "ANYTHING"playing with the Queen of r&b talking bout a closet lol🀣Mary tell them that it's them in the closet hiding cause you a "Queen"and do what u wanna do PERIOD πŸ’ž Auntie πŸ’― Now they not watching you it's ur moves they watching nowπŸ­πŸ’žKeep on watching maybe you'll get some more teaβ˜•to spill on social media lol why Mary J keep on keeping it real as it could be and you'll talking bout a closet 🍭Mary got Minks in her closet not no sexuality πŸ’―that's her life and Mary be glad in it Auntie πŸ’― Love You & now I'm bout to listen to ur album how about that lolπŸ’žπŸ’žπŸ’žBad Boy 4 LifeπŸ’«πŸ€£πŸ’―πŸ­2020🎊

  3. Mary J still the queen it doesnt matter what she wants to do nor be with this is the prime example of somebody minding somebody else buisness we dont care WE STILL AND ALWAYS GONNA LOVE MARY J BLIGE ONE OF THE REALIST TO EVER HIT THE GAME STILL RELEVANT TODAY JAGUAR IS NOT IM JUST SAYING

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