1. This bisexual dude that used to text harass girls that he liked wound up with me getting drunk and doing the same thing to him over and over . Text after text. He said it was a learning experience to be treated like meat like he treated girls. I was like you’re welcome, now put your pants back on and get out.

  2. Hey straight guys. I know it feels good when you get attention from gay guys and they gush over you and make you feel cool and sexy and fun. I don't blame you. But you need to be careful. Gay guys are wolves. We are. Our lust is more unbridled than what you are accustomed to. I advise all my straight friends that have gay admirers that you can be friends but you have to have "the talk" with them. That you're never going to give it to them. Make it clear that if they start to shower you with attention that they're not going to get it. And that if they persist you can't be friends anymore. Yes it hurts them to hear it but its necessary if you want a long-term stable friendship. Gay men are wolves and it's emotionally unhealthy for them to have an infatuation with you.

  3. I like him… cute, funny, unbiased. I had a coworker once, that was similar to this guy. Pretty open-minded respectful and everything. So one day I invited him to a barbecue. He said he'll let me know. Couple days later he sent me this long drawn-out text message that said he's not really into me like that and he's straight and he doesn't do things like that. But he didn't realize it was a barbecue for multiple people, not just him. He thought I just invited him and apparently thought I was going to make a move on him. I was offended. I was never flirty with the guy or express any kind of interest. Funny thing though, I've experienced the exact same thing with a woman… I was baffled!

  4. LOL. Yes, whenever straight guys automatically think that I’m going to hit on them just because they’re straight and I’m gay…I usually start off with “don’t flatter yourself”, especially when they’re out of shape, dressed like a slob, and balding…and then follow it up with pointing out that gay men usually have standards…and trust me, most straight men don’t live up to those standards. 😜 If a gay dude hits on you, consider yourself lucky ‘cause we’re pretty picky.

  5. I once entered a male gay bar with a girfriend who just wanted to have a drink somewhere different for fun. There was a stage with a bodybuilded dude dancing half naked rubbing some foam all over him, and rubbing his penis on some pole. All the guys were watching him like pervs with their phone out filming him. Then my girlfriend went to the bathroom to pee… God I felt so uncomfortable in that place, and I just wanted to leave ASAP. I have the right to feel uncomfortable in that kind of places. I don't mind gay people that act normal, but put together that many gay guys together in a room… If you are straight and feel comfortable there you are just weird. Also went into a female gay bar once with a friend and his sister who is gay… That was terrible. The look on the women's face when they saw a man in the bar…. they were pretty much asking me to leave with their look.. while gay men are really friendly with women.

  6. I hate this ignorant af opinions about gay bars. I know from personal experience that gay guys are rapy as fuck. They don't like hearing no and if they can physically overpower you they will and have. It goes without saying that I don't treat women this way and my only wish is that I was treated in the way I treat women.

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