MACKENZIE ZIEGLER EXPOSED! inappropriate pictures leaked

Mackenzie Ziegler twerking, swearing (cussing, cursing), posing inappropriately.

Read the disclaimer at 4:22 before commenting!

I actually love and support Mackenzie so don’t come at me ♡
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  1. 0:180:44 Its called a bathing suit
    0:46 She used to go to dance like that. Have you not seen dance moms?
    0:51 If you're telling me that wearing a crop top is bad then fck every teen in the world
    0:581:00 Thats not even her
    1:04 looks more like a shirt to me
    1:11 she is in yr 9 and about to turn 15. Like she isn't a little kid anymore. U guys are the kids who r trying to parent her.

    I can go on

  2. Dude it’s her life she’s having fun like that she’s not a little girls anymore she’s a teenager when you saw season 1 from dance moms you saw her first solo she is not gonna be a cute mouse all her life if she’s happy what’s she’s doing

  3. Seriously this is dumb. I don't necessarily agree with some of the pictures but the ones where shes in a bathing suit and people are hating on her etc, is RIDICULOUS. Everyone wants to make such a big deal out of a celebrity being a normal teenager, growing up, learning, changing, just because a lot of people know who they are and thats ridiculous too. Seriously people need to grow up. You literally can't hate on her without hating on a whole generation.

  4. tf she's a dancer what do u guys expect?Actually most of all dancers twerk or something (also jung dancers) and its nothing bad lmao 😂like much dancers do this for fun… don't take this so serious bruh

  5. Oh no..a teenager wearing crop tops, wearing a bathing suit, she shouldn’t wear that! And she is taking mirror selfies??! Obviously she must be stopped! 😒 (sarcastic)

  6. Stop hating girls her age do the same thing I’m her age and I do the same thing and so do all of my friends and girls my age the only difference is that she’s on the internet and people like watching her every move Kenzie is amazing so stop

  7. this is so stupid, honestly she’s a TEENAGER, you can’t just expect her to stay five FOREVER, if she wasn’t famous no one would be hating on her, just cause all you little idiots are behind a screen doesn’t give you a right to be rude, she has a right to express herself in any way without some pathetic people being mean. what has this world come to ?

  8. Let her be she’s growing up she’s not a kid anymore and half of the things people call “inappropriate” is her dancing and wearing a bikini which means she’s about to SWIM 😒 what do u expect her to wear normal clothes to swim??😑

  9. Lol she's not gonna apologize for having boobs and she cussed wow! SOOO BAD! I think shes beautiful and she accidentally said the N word and caught herself immediately lol. And that was a dance she was assigned ok!? Lol peeps need to leave this girl alone! She friggin cusses a couple of times and gets called out on it and gets "exposed" when lil tay a freaking 10 year old cussing daily and bragging about how Rich she is! She might even be younger idk but Kenzie 13 year old girl just being a kid having fun is getting put under flipping microscope every day and getting hated on for everything!

  10. Every teen who is famous is expected to be a perfect child.Not curse, dont wear swimsuits, dont pose in a bra.There a 10 year olds who do all this act my school.😂😂NO JOKE💯And yall worried bout this smh😭😭😭its normal for a teen

  11. What has she gotten into🤦🏻‍♀️ When I was 8 I never even wore bikinis like she did, I never knew about Instagram or tongue photos. I was one of those kids that learn new things every day from my brother. I was very kid friendly😐

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