Love, Simon / Coming Out Scene

Coming Out.
Scene from movie: “Love, Simon” (2018).

• Original title: “Love, Simon”
• Release date: March 16, 2018
• Country: United States
• Director: Greg Berlanti
• Genre: Comedy, Drama, Romance
• Budget: $17 million
• IMDb: 8.1/10

Simon Spier keeps a huge secret from his family, his friends, and all of his classmates: he’s gay. When that secret is threatened, Simon must face everyone and come to terms with his identity.

▶ Nick Robinson as Simon Spier
▶ Josh Duhamel as Jack Spier, Simon’s father
▶ Jennifer Garner as Emily Spier, Simon’s mother
▶ Katherine Langford as Leah Burke, one of Simon’s best friends
▶ Alexandra Shipp as Abby Suso, one of Simon’s best friends
▶ Jorge Lendeborg Jr. as Nick Eisner, one of Simon’s best friends
▶ Keiynan Lonsdale as Abraham “Bram” Greenfeld, one of Simon’s classmates
▶ Miles Heizer as Cal Price, one of Simon’s friends and classmates
▶ Logan Miller as Martin Addison, one of Simon’s classmates who blackmails him
▶ Talitha Bateman as Nora Spier, Simon’s sister
▶ Tony Hale as Mr. Worth, the vice principal of the school Simon attends
▶ Natasha Rothwell as Ms. Albright, Simon’s drama teacher
▶ Drew Starkey as Garrett Laughlin, one of Simon’s classmates
▶ Clark Moore as Ethan, one of Simon’s classmates who is openly gay
▶ Joey Pollari as Lyle, a flirty server at a local diner
▶ Mackenzie Lintz as Taylor Metternich, one of Simon’s classmates
▶ Bryson Pitts as 10-year-old Simon Spier
▶ Nye Reynolds as 5-year-old Simon Spier
▶ Skye Mowbray as 6-year-old Nora Spier


  1. I don’t get how people can click on a video and start being idiots about how gays are ruining the world. Why did you even click on the video in the first place if you have us homosexuals, do u feel like validating everyone just because you feel like it? Are u bored. Your not doing anything to change the lgbtqa group. Its people like you who ruin society.

  2. The scene where that guy comes up when Simon is on the ferris wheel and says "I'm Blue" and Simon is just "-_- no you're not" needs to be posted I cried laughing in theaters

  3. I don't know if it was written that way, a direction from Greg Berlanti or an acting choice from Nick Robinson, but one moment that's subtle but extremely powerful is how much Simon is struggling to speak right as he comes out to his parents.

  4. I dont get American people..if you say that to your Balkan parents ahaha you better run and not coming back..but in America you get “oh honey thats beautiful“ WTTTFFF

  5. I have no fucking clue why all the haters have the urge to click on a video like this to leave hateful comments below it. If you want to change people this way, you should educate yourself first, because you are on the wrong track. If you want to just insult others, then you can just stop. We heard it all already and you are getting boring.

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